The 7 Best Podcasting Courses

These are the 7 best podcasting courses to help you get started with operating a successful online podcast.

"The beautiful thing about podcasting is it's just talking. It can be funny, or it can be terrifying. It can be sweet. It can be obnoxious. It almost has no definitive form.”

Joe Rogan

Contrary to popular opinion, podcasting is not a new phenomenon. The very roots of the concept can actually be found in the late-eighties. However, podcasting as we know it now started gaining popularity around 2004.

The mid-00s were the time when small and sleek digital audio playback devices (iPod being the key player) finally eclipsed the Walkman in popularity. As the devices got smaller, the idea of listening to a “pocket radio-show” also began to take hold. This was a foreign concept in the “age of the Walkman”. Ripping the audio of your favorite talk show and then spending an additional hour burning the audio to a CD? Inconvenient at best, illegal at worst.

The advent of the iPod made podcasting mainstream. And, podcasting is still growing in popularity. In a survey from 2019, it was found that a whopping 51% of all US consumers were active listeners of podcasts.

But, Why do people listen to podcasts?

According to statistics from 2019, three out of four listeners in the US tune in for learning new things.

This is splendid news. It means that this medium is full of receptive minds looking for new knowledge, quality content, and entertainment value.

While we are on the subject of entertainment value, allow me to share a humorous TEDx talk led by comedian Andy Zaltzman. Here, Andy views several historic figures as podcasters. And, a few laughs are guaranteed.

But, podcasting is far from being an entertainment-only medium. If done right, it can be very lucrative as well. The cost of entry is minimal and the payoff could be massive. With the correct strategy and some effort, podcasting is arguably the quickest way of reaching your target audience.
But, how does one get started? Well, learning to podcast via an online course is a great option. From equipment selection to music editing, the best podcasting courses teach you all the ropes. E-Student has compiled a list of the best courses for a career as a podcaster. These courses are fun, comprehensive, and above all, practical.

So, without further ado, let’s tune in!

These are the 7 best online podcasting courses:

Best Overall: The Podcast Masterclass: Complete Guide To Podcasting (Udemy)

A 5,5h how-to guide on starting and growing a successful podcast.

We start our list with the best all-round course on podcasting. “The Podcast Masterclass” is a bestselling Udemy course tailored specifically for people starting podcasting from scratch. Think of the class as a roadmap to success. A step-by-step guide on taking a conceptual idea and developing it into a fully-fledged podcast.

Before we take a glimpse at the syllabus, allow me to introduce the instructors of the class. The “Podcast Masterclass” is led by Phil Ebiner and Ravinder Deol. Phil is a top-rated Udemy instructor specializing in design, video, photography, and marketing. Ravinder is an experienced digital product creator and an avid E-learning advocate. Both men value the importance of a clear, highly detailed, and engaging learning experience. And, this is exactly what you will find in this class.

So, what can students expect to learn from this 5,5h podcasting class? In short, everything you need to know to set up your own podcast.
In the beginning, learners will be introduced to various key concepts of podcasting. Think of this as the foundation for the rest of the journey. From then, you will get highly detailed lessons on setting up the equipment and software needed. And, the instructors will also be teaching you how to launch, grow, and monetize your podcast on various popular platforms.

In summary, “The Podcast Masterclass” is the best overall podcasting course available. Not only is it structured meticulously, but it is also a highly engaging learning experience. By the end of the class, expect to have expert-level knowledge on how to build and run a profitable podcast.

Most Comprehensive: Power-Up Podcasting (Smart Passive Income)

A highly detailed one-month masterclass to podcasting.

We continue our list off with “Power-Up Podcasting” from SPI Media, the most comprehensive podcasting course currently available.
SPI stands for Smart Passive Income, it is a company dedicated to boosting the traffic and income of various online enterprises. SPI Media is the brainchild of Pat Flynn, a dedicated online marketing guru. With more than a decade of experience, Flynn has established several foolproof strategies for maximizing the success of his clients. He is also the host of Smart Passive Income Podcast, a massively successful podcast with past guests such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferriss.

In order to hit the ground running, you need to learn from the best. And, in this one-month long masterclass, Pat Flynn teaches you exactly how to emulate his successful journey. The curriculum is chronological and very easy-to-follow, meaning that you can easily set up your first podcast WHILE learning the tricks of the trade. The best recording equipment choices, software possibilities, interview tips, marketing, monetization. Everything you possibly need to know about podcasting is sliced into bite-sized details in this class.

And, in addition to being the best podcasting class available, it is also a supremely engaging learning experience. Pat has made a class that is super comprehensive yet humorous throughout.

All in all, it is nearly impossible to find faults in this course. True, it is lengthier and pricier than the other choices. But, if you go all in and follow the course to a T, the success of your podcast is guaranteed.

Best for Marketing a Podcast: How to Start A Podcast – Podcasting Made Easy (Udemy)

A 10h course for launching and running a high-traffic podcast.

Next, we will be looking at “How to Start A Podcast”, yet another solid podcasting course from Udemy.

Two Udemy courses in a row. Well, this calls for a side-by-side comparison!
While the previous class provided learners with a practical step-by-step tutorial to launch a podcast, this one is heavier on content theory. Plus, it is a leading choice for learning to market your podcast well.
Still, all the key practical aspects such as a microphone, platform, and software choice are included. Thus, it would also be a solid choice for novices.
The high-quality content theory makes this one of the best courses for people with their podcast concept already in place. After enrolling in this class, you can fully flesh out your ideas and even make a career out of podcasting.

Allow me to give you two examples of modules that make this class a hit.
They are “Content Creation” and “Podcast Service Creation.”
The first of these modules will tutor you on how to create the best content relevant to your niche. The second one will give you a free blueprint for a business idea.
A business idea? Yes. Allow me to spoil a bit. How can a technically proficient podcast host turn their skills into profit? By helping other podcasters! This lesson will teach you exactly how to reach your colleagues and make a profit by helping them. A win-win!

All in all, “How to Start A Podcast” is a great course for beginners and already practicing podcasters alike. It is captivating, easy-to-follow, and will teach you how to run your podcast like a successful business.

Best Crash-Course: Getting Your Podcast Off the Ground (Skillshare)

A 1h20min crash-course for learning the fundamentals of good podcasting.

Getting Your Podcast Off the Ground” is our choice for the best crash-course on podcasting. Why? Well, it is simply one of the best courses for setting the foundation for your career as a podcaster.

Allow me to introduce you to the content of the class.
The syllabus takes approximately 80min to complete in full. Short? Yes, but enough to teach you how to choose and develop the ideas for your show. To be specific, the class will teach how to brainstorm ideas and find your voice as a podcaster.
As you might have guessed, this class has no technical prerequisites. All you have to bring to the table is your desire and willingness to learn. After taking this engaging crash-course, you will know whether podcasting is for you or not. And, if you are on board, the sky is the limit!

Before we wrap this up, allow me to give a nod to the instructor as well. The course is presented by Neil Patel, a proud host of the most-watched tech podcast in iTunes India.
Neil is a wizard of a speaker. He has a gift of inspiring all his students with his highly engaging yet informative lectures. This is exactly one of the main reasons for the success of this class.

In a nutshell, this is one of those podcasting classes I would advise for all creative people. In merely 80 minutes, it will show you the nuts and bolts of what it takes to think as a podcaster. And, who knows, podcast-living might start to seem appealing to you. Even if you had never even entertained the thought before.

Best for Podcast SEO: SEO For Podcasters (The Audacity to Podcast)

A video course for improving the ranking of your podcast.

Let’s say that you are already good at the technicalities of podcasting. You also work hard to promote yourself on various social media channels and own a well-designed homepage. Yet, for some mysterious reason, traffic is still not picking up. What could possibly be wrong?

It is highly likely that your podcast is not optimized well. And, this is precisely where this video class comes to your aid. Here, award-winning podcaster Daniel J. Lewis will spill the beans on what makes for a well-optimized podcast.
It is a detailed SEO-class tutored specifically for podcasters. You will learn exactly what kind of content Google, Apple Podcasts, and Bing favor. And, most importantly, how to edit your already existing content to reach top rankings in all these search engines.
What I love is that the class also focuses on WordPress websites. To be specific, it teaches you exactly how to use WordPress to its maximum potential and hit high rankings. By the way, if done correctly, you can reach top pages surprisingly quickly. And, it goes without saying that a high-ranking website will bring an amazing boost of traffic to your podcast.

SEO for Podcasters” is theoretically suitable to all levels. However, it does not focus on topics such as niche selection, podcasting software, or other core concepts. So, to get the most out of this class, already having an active podcast would be preferred.

However, for already active podcasters, it is a supremely informative resource for a quick traffic gain. High-level SEO practices in podcasting are still surprisingly uncommon. And, this is good news for you. With some slight modifications, you can hit some very solid numbers very fast. Good luck!

Best for Storytelling: Power Your Podcast with Storytelling (Creativelive)

A 10h podcasting class for supreme oratory skills.

We continue with “Power Your Podcast with Storytelling” from Creativelive.
As you might have guessed, the focus here is on content development and storytelling. Effective narrative skills are one of the cornerstones of good podcasting. Yes, even if you have amazing technical skills and high-end audio equipment, you will get nowhere with mediocre content. So, needless to say, taking a course such as this is a solid investment for your success.

This Creativelive course is medium-length, having approximately 10h of HD video lessons. And, as a bonus, the lessons come with lifetime access. So, anytime you need to freshen up on a specific concept, you can always turn to these video lessons.

The syllabus itself is prepared and presented by Alex Blumberg, an award-winning reporter/producer for This American Life.
He has prepared a course that will improve your storytelling, interviewing, negotiation, and even public speaking skills.
After enrolling, you will become a masterful orator by learning tested-and-true techniques used by industry professionals. These techniques will improve your engagement level as a speaker tenfold.
And, if your presentation and content are of high quality, you will not need to spend thousands of dollars on shady marketing strategies. Instead, you will gain a loyal following sincerely interested in your content.

Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t. Too many podcasters focus on always having the best mixers and microphones while putting nearly zero effort on the content itself. Be the exception!

Best for GarageBand: GarageBand: Podcasting (LinkedIn Learning)

A practical 1h guide to starting a podcast using GarageBand.

GarageBand: Podcasting” is our choice for the best podcasting class for GarageBand.
Why choose GarageBand as a podcasting software? Good question. It is a solid choice for two big reasons. For one, it is the most beginner-friendly software for podcasting. It is extremely easy to use, even if you have no previous experiences with audio software. Secondly, it is one of the most inexpensive options out there.

Sounds interesting? Good. Time to take a look at what the course itself has in store. This podcasting class is on the shorter side, taking approximately an hour to finish. Nevertheless, it will teach you nearly everything you need to know to get started at GarageBand.
At the start, it quickly touches on core podcasting topics such as outlining your format and planning your show.
However, the main focus of the class is on GarageBand. First, you will learn how the interface of GarageBand works. Then, you will learn which equipment works best with Garageband and how to configure the software accordingly. Of course, recording and digital audio editing in GarageBand are also taught in great detail.

Overall, I would advise the course to all beginner-level podcasters. It will give you an expert-level tour to using one of the most accessible podcasting software out there. And, considering the short length of the class, you have nothing to lose.