About Us


My name is Sander. I am the founder of E-Student, and an avid e-learner. I have spent upwards of 1000 hours on studying online courses and degrees, and I’m not planning to stop anytime soon.

Having graduated from a traditional university in the field of medicine, I started to notice major differences between my offline and online learning experiences. I used to think that online education was just a cheaper alternative to traditional education. However, after experiencing e-learning first hand, my outlook changed completely. I quickly realized that for me, online learning was far superior to traditional campus-based learning.

This is where the idea of this website was born. E-Student is a resource and community for online learners who want to further their education through online learning methods such as online courses, degrees, and training programs. Our online course reviews and literary reviews are designed to help students navigate through the vast amount of options available to them.

We’re excited to help you get started in self-paced, student-centered, and cost-effective education!

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