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Review of At Your Pace Online: Pre-License Courses That Do the Job

In our honest review of At Your Pace Online, we’ll take a look at the courses this education company offers as well as potential reasons you might want to opt for (or avoid) them.

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At Your Pace Online: Our Verdict (2023)

Platform Rating

3.8 / 5

At Your Pace Online is an online education company focused on pre-license courses. Their specialized courses are rather short and straightforward but of somewhat mixed quality, and they’re aimed at people who need to get licensed for their work in real estate, insurance, plumbing, construction, and other fields – or who need to renew their existing licenses. Although their target audiences are narrow, their text and video-based courses tend to do the job as expected and can be completed 100% online.


  • Relevant and targeted content
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Affordable classes


  • Fast learners may be held back
  • Lack of variety in course delivery
  • Lack of guidance


It’s not always easy to find good online training that meets your needs. But if you know exactly what you’re looking for, At Your Pace Online (or AYPO, for short) might be offering a solution. At Your Pace Online covers trades and professions such as contracting, insurance, plumbers, real estate, auto dealers, electricians, and water operators. Claiming over 400,000 courses sold – but you may never have heard of them if you’re not in one of those trades. AYPO is certainly worth checking out – but will their classes help you achieve your goals?

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Table of Contents

What is At Your Pace Online?

Based in the USA, At Your Pace Online is an online education company offering state-approved training courses in all 50 states. The professions they’re focused on might be traditional, but their approach isn’t – they provide 100% online training and flexible classes. The program is based on multiple learning strategies, and all classes are informative and easy to understand.

AYPO courses cover professions and trades such as:

  • Real estate
  • Contracting
  • Tax prep
  • Plumbing
  • Insurance
  • Driver safety
  • HVAC

Many of the courses help you prepare for a licensing exam. AYPO also offers state-approved continuing education courses, so once you obtain the license you need, you can continue to expand your knowledge and stay up-to-date.

How it all started

At Your Pace Online was founded in 2011 with the goal of creating an online education platform that can help people get the license they need and focus on their career paths. In 2012, they launched their first online courses, and in the following years, they launched pre-license courses in several states. By 2020, AYPO had managed to significantly expand its online learning community, offering online education classes and statewide-required job training courses. At the time of publishing, they offer courses in over three hundred different markets, and they have 185 state approvals.

How much does At Your Pace Online cost?

Generally, AYPO offers cost-effective online courses and a budget-friendly solution for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge, earn the necessary skills, and obtain a license. However, the price varies – some courses cost $20, and others can cost over $100.

For instance, AYPO’s Michigan Insurance Continuing Education course costs $63. It’s a short course that includes 3 hours of ethics and the mandatory exam. Alternatively, you can take only the 3-hour course that will cost you only $18. This shorter course will provide the hours you need to fulfill the one-time Certification Requirements.

So, it all depends on the qualification and the type of course you opt for. Either way, AYPO offers reasonably priced online courses and training programs that won’t break the bank.

How long does it take to complete the At Your Pace courses?

Just like the AYPO program prices, the duration of the courses varies, ranging from 1 hour to 4 weeks, depending on the qualification. However, as the name of the program suggests, you can complete any course at your own pace. All courses have flexible class hours, and you can take time or you can complete everything in a flash. It depends on your schedule and goals. However, most AYPO programs entail mandatory tests. But in most cases, you can’t take this test whenever you want, as they require a proctor. From that perspective, you can’t complete the course whenever you want to, as you’re obliged to wait for your exam date.

Nevertheless, compared to some other educational options, At Your Pace Online still offers a rather convenient way to take lessons regardless of where you live.

Review of At Your Pace Online courses

As we’ve just mentioned, the cost and duration of each course depends on several factors. But in most cases, you’ll get a rather short, informative course that is easy to complete as well as a mandatory exam. Once you complete the course, AYPO will report your course completion directly to the relevant state certifying body.

As professional licenses tend to be state-specific, the programs are aimed at very specific learners. For instance, when it comes to real estate, they provide an Oregon Deluxe Real Estate Broker Pre License course, a New York Real Estate Salesperson Pre License Course, a Florida Complete CE Course, and so on.

screen with pre-licensing and CE courses for real estate and MLO professionals

At Your Pace Online provides 100% online courses so you can complete everything from the comfort of your home. Although the specific course format varies between courses, they are all taught by industry experts. For instance, the top-selling online Arizona L&H course is taught by an instructor who’s a licensed insurance producer with over twenty years of experience.

Let’s take a look at the Arizona L&H Review course to explore the content of AYPO courses as well. The course begins with a review of the fundamental concepts and the ethics class. It also covers insurance policy types, standard policy provisions, the impact of health insurance, medical plans, dental insurance, and Medicare, as well as topics like long-term care policies, federal tax considerations, and so on. Finally, it includes two state-mandated exams on the L&H topics covered and ethics. In terms of content delivery, it includes activities, reading material, and videos.

Generally, AYPO allows you to take your classes on any internet-connected device. Mobile-friendly classes can be very convenient, as they allow you to learn on the go. On the other hand, taking online classes does require focus and dedication, and many people prefer to study in a quiet environment. It all depends on your specific situation as well as learning habits and goals.

Who is At Your Pace Online for?

Since we’re talking about an Oregon-based education company, At Your Pace Online is, in general, only relevant for US citizens interested in obtaining a license or acquiring skills and knowledge in a chosen field or trade. The company offers courses for aspiring auto dealers, HVAC operators, contractors, electricians, plumbers, real estate agents, water operators, and so on. Their courses are very specific and detailed, so they’re best for people who know exactly what they’re looking for. Also, they’re rather short and flexible, so they’re a good option for anyone who wants to obtain a license in a relatively quick and convenient way.

Student reviews of At Your Pace Online

On the official At Your Pace Online website, each course has detailed information regarding its content as well as reviews. The reviews are really helpful if you’re not sure whether this course or type of learning is for you. Depending on the course, some people describe the classes as tough, while others say they’re easy to follow.

Looking again at the Arizona L&H Review course, at the time of writing, this particular course had 1,933 reviews. Based on these, people were generally satisfied with the structure of the course. Many learners described the course as detailed, extensive, and even tough, while others pointed out that it simply prepared them for the exam. Additionally, most people appreciate the flexibility and the fact that they don’t get overwhelmed with the scope of information.

Generally, many people find AYPO courses useful and straightforward. After all, the information is focused on the specific field and trade and necessary requirements.

On the other hand, some users point out that slides can be rather slow to load and that it takes too much time to complete the course. Some reviews also complain about the structure of certain courses, where you don’t gain access to all the lessons when you pay because you need to pass a test before moving on to the next module. Although rare, some people did point out errors in the curriculum.

Advantages (pros) of At Your Pace Online

✅ Relevant and targeted content

The courses are designed with very specific goals in mind, and tend not to include any extraneous information.

✅ Learn at your own pace

The classes also have flexible hours, so you can learn at your own pace. Plus, they’re mobile-friendly, so you don’t have to depend on your computer or laptop.

✅ Affordable classes

At Your Pace Online classes are affordable. Some classes don’t cost more than $40, while others cost around $100, but compared to many other educational options, that’s still cheap. 

Disadvantages (cons) of At Your Pace Online

❌ Fast learners may be held back

In the reviews, some people claimed they wanted to complete the course as quickly as possible, but they weren’t able to due to how things actually work. The problem is you don’t have access to all the lessons right away, but you also have to wait to take an exam (because you need a proctor). Therefore, you can’t really learn at your pace – at least not if your pace is fast.

❌ Lack of variety in course delivery

AYPO programs provide a certain amount of variety in terms of content delivery – they’re based on texts as well as videos. However, this is still not as versatile as it could be. In this day and age, there are many modern online learning methods worth exploring, but At Your Pace Online doesn’t seem to incorporate anything more modern and innovative as a part of its platform.

❌ Lack of guidance

While there are videos and responsive customer service that can help you out, AYPO classes don’t provide clear guidance. As an AYPO learner, you won’t get a tutor or someone who can give you direct feedback or answer your questions about the material. Plus, reading and watching pre-recorded videos can get quite monotonous, so you need to motivate yourself to keep going.

Conclusion: Is At Your Pace Online worth it?

It’s time to wrap up our At Your Pace Online review.

All things considered, At Your Pace Online is a good option for anyone who wants to obtain (or maintain) a specific license or certification. AYPO classes are cost-effective, convenient, and easy to follow.

However, the program does have its flaws, especially when it comes to meeting expectations in terms of flexibility. Also, the way everything is presented can be rather dry – there’s no contact with a teacher or interactive ways to help you retain information in a more effective way.

Nevertheless, At Your Pace Online mostly manages to deliver what it promises – it helps people maintain their licenses in a convenient and affordable way. If you’re interested in one of the offered trades and professions in a particular state, the AYPO program will most likely meet your needs.