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Joe Holder’s Fitness and Wellness Masterclass: Is It Worth the Watch?

If you want to improve your fitness and wellness, Joe Holder shares expert advice in this MasterClass. In this review, we will take a deeper dive into Joe’s advice.

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Joe Holder MasterClass: Our Verdict (2023)


4.2 / 5

Joe Holder's Fitness and Wellness Fundamentals MasterClass features his expert advice on improving overall fitness and wellness. With an excellent presentation on how to improve your physical fitness and including three top-of-the-line workouts, Joe also gives nutrition advice and tips on how to improve your mindset. This course is recommended for anyone who wants to improve their overall well-being with simple yet effective strategies that can be implemented into any routine.


  • Instructor has expert knowledge related to the topic
  • Instructor’s passion for the topic
  • Includes three quick but effective workouts
  • Impressive production quality


  • Limited nutrition advice
  • Insubstantial mental health recommendations
  • Short course

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Information about fitness and wellness is easily accessible through websites, books, or podcasts. However, good, solid research and expert advice is hard to come by. I was looking to really take my fitness and wellness to another level. I was tired of people trying to sell me on fad diets or supplements that would not be sustainable long term. Luckily, I came across the Fitness and Wellness Fundamentals MasterClass by Joe Holder.

Joe explains in his MasterClass why it is important to focus not only on your physical health but your diet and mindset as well. He gives practical tips that anyone can implement in their day-to-day life.

In this review, we will explore what Joe Holder’s MasterClass is about, what the key takeaways were from this MasterClass, and if it was worth the time and money.

Table of Contents

What is the Joe Holder MasterClass?

Joe Holder has created a MasterClass on “Fitness and Wellness Fundamentals.” MasterClass is well-known for its expert instructors teaching their skills on a high-production quality platform.

Joe Holder is a master trainer with many well-known clients who share his journey to improving his own fitness and wellness. Joe shares his philosophy on why wellness is so important and why it is relevant for learners.

This is a relatively short course. In all, the course lasts 2 hours and 36 minutes with 12 lessons. Three of these lessons include 20-30 minute workout sessions. Without the workout sessions included the course lasts a little over 1 hour. This course is well-organized and easy to follow. It keeps you engaged and wanting to keep watching until the end.

Who is Joe Holder?

Joe Holder is a leading expert in the fitness and wellness industry and a private fitness coach, Nike Master Trainer, and GQ columnist. He has a multitude of private clients, including Bella Hadid, Virgil Abloh, and Naomi Campbell – just to name a few. He has personal experience with athlete-level fitness, including running full marathons and playing college football.

Joe Holder: A seasoned trainer and fitness coach
Joe Holder: A master trainer and fitness coach

Joe Holder connects with his audience in his MasterClass by sharing his personal story when he battled depression. Joe experienced a severe ankle injury while playing college football at the University of Pennsylvania. After this injury, Joe was drinking too much, not sleeping well, and eating poorly. From this experience, Joe began to grow with a new mindset by focusing on his own fitness and wellness.

What is the target audience for the Joe Holder MasterClass?

In this MasterClass, Joe targets anyone looking to improve their well-being. Joe wants anyone and everyone to improve their overall health–including fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being. Joe is looking for individuals who are motivated to take charge of their health and implement the simple yet effective strategies offered in his course. He doesn’t believe there is a specific pill, diet, or regimen for all. He believes you should listen to your body and find your journey to optimal health.

What does Joe Holder teach in this course?

Joe has a holistic viewpoint of wellness and shares several points about fitness and wellness throughout his course. He starts the course by offering his philosophy on wellness – ”The Ocho System.” Then, a few more lessons into the course, he lectures the audience about physical health. He even has a guest speaker to help him with a physical health lesson: his brother, who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. To supplement his advice on physical health, Joe demonstrates some workouts for his learners to try. Lastly, Joe briefly talks about both nutrition and mental health strategies. Here are some more details about the lessons he covers:

Joe Holder elaborates on his personal philosophy of wellness
Joe Holder explains his personal philosophy on wellness

The Ocho System

Joe starts his MasterClass by explaining his wellness philosophy, The Ocho System. The Ocho System means, “One Can Help Others (Others Can Help One).” This philosophy means that we are all interconnected, and what we do affects everyone around us and vice versa. To give to each other, we must first own our physical health.

Physical Health

In this course, Joe covers many aspects of physical health, including biomotor skills, how data can help you measure your physical health, and how recovery time is just as important as the act of working out.

Biomotor skills are important for all individuals and not just athletes. Biomotor skills include strength, coordination, endurance, agility, and balance. Joe explains how he bases all his workouts on these five biomotor skills. All of these skills are connected, meaning if we are working on improving one skill, it is likely improving another. To demonstrate improving biomotor skills, Joe includes three simple yet effective workouts throughout his MasterClass.

Data is king, according to Joe. Tracking your health based on your data is a great starting point for understanding your health and fitness levels. He recommends getting a physical to obtain basic health data from your physician. Then, you can record your own qualitative and quantitative data independently. By tracking objective data, you can repeat the behaviors that allow you to have optimal health and positive feelings. You can avoid behaviors that cause adverse health effects and negative feelings.

Lastly, recovery time is just as important as working out. In between workouts, allowing your body to recharge and rejuvenate using different methods that work best for you is important. Joe gives examples of different active and passive methods of recovery.

Workouts: Mobility, HIIT, and Strength

Joe includes three simple yet effective workouts in his MasterClass. Each workout is 20-30 minutes long, so it is quick and easy to implement into your workout routine. Joe’s first workout focuses on mobility and this idea of “tissue flossing” to move each part of your body in a way that “feels good.” Joe’s second workout is a high-intensity interval training workout to improve strength, endurance, and physical health data points in a short amount of time. In Joe’s third workout, he introduces strength training moves with free weights. This workout is a quick 20-minute workout to improve strength in each area of the body.


Joe explains the core components of food and the importance of eating whole foods. Joe does not promote a certain kind of diet but promotes a diet that works best for your body. Although eating whole foods is important, Joe also realizes you will not always eat healthy. Eating “junk food” is okay in small portions.

Joe shares a few food hacks in his MasterClass. He demonstrates how to unlock specific vitamins and minerals with food preparation. Joe shares expert advice on easily implementing healthy foods into your diet. Lastly, Joe shares one of his favorite recipes to boost immunity and digestion.

Catalysts for Success

Joe concludes his MasterClass by sharing his “Catalysts for Success.” These are easy tidbits of information to take away from his course and implement into your daily routine:

  1. Research promotes the idea of having “exercise snacks.” This idea includes working out multiple times per day in short intervals to improve energy and promote more physical activity throughout the day.
  2. Meditation and mindfulness can promote parasympathetic nervous system activity.
  3. Using elements in nature can improve overall health.
  4. Tissue flossing promotes improved mobility in all areas of the body.
  5. Setting up your environment can lead to long-term success.
  6. Focus on implementing small positive habits that will add up every day and help you live a healthier lifestyle.

My favorite lessons from the Joe Holder Masterclass

Joe covers a variety of health and wellness topics throughout his MasterClass. He presents the information in a well-organized and thoughtful manner. It is clear that he has a passion for promoting fitness and wellness. Here are my favorite lessons from the MasterClass:

Joe’s Story

Joe gets personal and shares his journey, which can be very relatable to learners. He shares his philosophy on why fitness and wellness are meaningful in his life. This makes it more relatable for his audience to find their “why” and connect with him in this course.

Joe Holder demonstrates his mobility workout.

Workouts: Mobility, HIIT, and Strength

Joe shares some of his favorite fitness routines in this MasterClass. I enjoyed all three workouts. These workouts target all five of the biomotor skills that he educates the audience about. To achieve optimal physical fitness, your workouts must be varied, and he demonstrates excellent examples of just that. Short 20-30 minute workouts are an excellent way to implement physical activity into your daily routine.

Catalysts for Success

In the last section of this course, Joe shares some expert advice on how to quickly and effectively improve your overall fitness and wellness. I think his advice is very practical and easy to implement. He shares advice and recommendations to help anyone with any body type or fitness goal improve their health.

Cost of Joe Holder’s Class

This course on fitness and wellness is part of MasterClass, a subscription-based online learning platform that allows you to choose from a catalog of 100+ engaging courses on various topics. There are numerous experts speaking about their specific category of expertise. For an annual subscription, the cost is $120 (or $10 per month). This is a small fee for the wealth of knowledge and information you will gain access to by simply subscribing.

If you are not 100% satisfied after subscribing to MasterClass, they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You are easily able to obtain a full refund if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the courses offered.

Enjoyable aspects of Joe Holder’s MasterClass

I enjoyed watching Joe Holder’s MasterClass for several reasons. Here are a few key points about why I enjoyed this MasterClass.

Instructor has expert knowledge related to the topic

It is clear that Joe is an expert on fitness and wellness. He shares his personal experience and why fitness and wellness are important. He then shares very useful and informative advice that has helped countless clients of his to achieve optimal health.

Instructor's passion for the topic

Joe does an impressive job engaging with the audience through an online platform. I felt as if I was sitting in the room with him and could relate to the information he was portraying by his tone of voice and body language.

Includes three quick but effective workouts

Joe includes some excellent workouts in his MasterClass. These workouts can be completed by many fitness levels. The workouts achieve different goals, which Joe explains thoroughly throughout the course.

Impressive production quality

The MasterClass production quality truly blew me away. I felt like I was sitting in the room with Joe. You can clearly see facial expressions and take away every emotion Joe is attempting to portray.

Weaker points of Joe Holder’s MasterClass

Although I was quite impressed with Joe’s MasterClass, I do think there are a few areas I would have added some more information.

Limited nutrition advice

Joe strongly expresses his opinion about eating whole foods. However, I didn’t gain a great understanding of how to easily implement this into my daily routine. Joe talks a great deal about how to implement physical activity into your daily life, but not about nutrition or diet.

Insubstantial mental health recommendations

Joe briefly mentions mental health practices throughout his MasterClass. I am a firm believer that mental health is just as important as physical health, and I would have liked to have more expert advice on this topic.

Short course

In general, I think more information in this course about wellness could have been included. Half of the course is workout sessions, which I did enjoy, but I would like to see more content included.

Review conclusion: Is the Joe Holder MasterClass worth it?

In my opinion, yes, the Joe Holder MasterClass is worth the watch. Joe Holder is a true expert when it comes to fitness and wellness. I believe anyone looking to learn new information on these topics should invest the time and money in this course.

Yes, Joe did not include extensive nutrition or mental health recommendations, but he does include worthwhile and easy advice to implement in your day-to-day life. He presents excellent information about improving your physical fitness and provides examples of workouts you can try for yourself.

I believe the ultimate purpose of this course is to inspire learners to improve their fitness and wellness levels so they can be a better version of themselves. In turn, they can stay more connected to others and leave an even better impact on the world around them.