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Modern Money Habits Skillshare Review

If you’re looking to improve your financial literacy and make better money decisions, this course may be for you.

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Modern Money Habits - 5 Steps to Build the Life You Want: Our Verdict (2023)


3.5 / 5

"Modern Money Habits: 5 Steps to Build the Life You Want" by Justin Bridges on Skillshare is an engaging introductory course in personal finance. Bridges, an experienced financial educator, combines clarity and relatability, guiding learners through key steps, including assessing their financial snapshot, creating an emergency fund, managing debt, saving for retirement, and achieving personal goals. The course's practical approach, relevant content for modern lifestyles, and Bridges's effective teaching style make it a valuable resource for financial education, though it may lack advanced topics for seasoned investors.


  • Engaging instructor
  • Digestible lessons
  • Applicable information


  • Could go more in-depth on certain topics


In an era where gaining financial literacy can be challenging, Justin Bridges’s Skillshare course, “Modern Money Habits: 5 Steps to Build the Life You Want,” is an interesting entry point for those navigating the complexities of personal finance. In this review, we will delve into the nuances of Bridges’s teaching style, the comprehensiveness of the course content, and its relevance to individuals seeking to enhance their financial acumen.

Table of Contents

Who is Justin Bridges?

Justin Bridges, a seasoned financial educator and expert, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the virtual classroom. His background in finance, coupled with a passion for empowering individuals with financial intelligence, makes him an ideal guide in the realm of money management. With a relatable approach and a knack for breaking down complex financial concepts into digestible bits, Bridges establishes himself as an instructor who not only knows the subject matter but excels in delivering it with clarity and engagement.

course instructor Justin Bridges
Course instructor Justin Bridges.

Course overview

Modern Money Habits” is an introductory exploration of personal finance on Skillshare, offering a roadmap for individuals looking to take control of their financial destiny. Clocking in at 1 hour and 9 minutes and divided into 14 lessons, the course extends beyond traditional financial advice, incorporating modern strategies and insights tailored to the fast-paced and dynamic nature of contemporary life. Whether you’re just starting your financial journey or looking to fine-tune existing habits, Bridges’s course promises to be a valuable and easily accessible resource.

Target audience

The course caters to a broad audience, encompassing anyone eager to improve their financial literacy and cultivate effective money habits. From recent graduates entering the workforce to seasoned professionals seeking to optimize their financial strategies, Bridges tailors his teachings to accommodate diverse backgrounds and levels of financial knowledge. Whether you’re looking to budget more efficiently, invest wisely, or plan for long-term financial goals, this course is designed to provide actionable insights for individuals at various stages of their financial journey.

The 5 Steps

In this course, Bridges bases his teachings on five key steps to building the life you want through money management.

Overview of the five steps
The five steps

1. Your Personal Snapshot

This snapshot includes an assessment of income, expenses, debt, and assets. The goal is to provide a comprehensive view of one’s financial health, guiding individuals in making informed decisions and avoiding common pitfalls. Understanding the difference between gross and net income is highlighted, emphasizing the significance of the latter in budgeting and financial planning.

2. Your Emergency Fund

Here, Bridges introduces the concept of an emergency fund, acknowledging the stress associated with saving money. The fund, designed for peace of mind, serves as a financial cushion. The importance of this fund is emphasized, particularly in conjunction with the personal snapshot, as it provides a strong foundation for handling unexpected expenses and preventing reliance on credit cards or loans. Differentiating between methods based on income or expenses, the instructor guides learners on calculating their required emergency fund, stressing the need for a minimum threshold to navigate financial challenges.

3. Dealing with Debt

In this section, Bridges emphasizes the importance of aggressively paying off debt. Debt is portrayed as a hindrance to building wealth and future financial stability, affecting both net worth and cash flow. He provides practical tips for an aggressive debt payoff strategy, including cutting expenses and increasing income through side hustles, highlighting the emotional benefits of becoming debt-free and gaining financial freedom.

4. Saving for Retirement

Bridges emphasizes the importance of actively planning for retirement instead of avoiding it due to the perceived complexity of the process. He encourages individuals to determine their retirement needs by considering factors such as healthcare, living arrangements, and desired activities in retirement. Key principles include starting savings early, taking advantage of tax advantages, diversifying assets, and adopting a “set it and forget it” approach to consistent savings. He also introduces the use of a retirement calculator to illustrate the impact of various factors on achieving retirement goals, emphasizing the power of compound interest in building wealth over time.

Bridges guiding learners through the use of the retirement calculator
Bridges walks learners through using the retirement calculator.

5. Achieving Your Goals

In this section, Bridges shares a personal story about achieving financial goals, specifically opening a photography studio, emphasizing the freedom money provides for pursuing meaningful endeavors. He discusses the challenges of saving for immediate goals and managing competing financial priorities. Bridges provides practical advice on saving for short-term and long-term goals, using examples and a demonstration to illustrate how to allocate funds based on different time frames and priorities.

Along with sharing these five steps, Bridges also includes shorter sections to cover frequently asked questions about topics such as credit cards, renting vs. buying, going freelance, and budgeting.

What I liked and disliked about Modern Money Management


Clarity and Structure:

Bridges excels in delivering complex financial information with clarity. The course’s well-structured modules provide a logical progression, ensuring participants can easily follow and implement the lessons.

Engaging Teaching Style:

The instructor’s engaging and personable teaching style fosters a positive learning environment. Bridges incorporates real-life examples and anecdotes, making the content relatable and memorable.

Practical Applications:

Rather than dwelling solely on theoretical concepts, the course encourages practical application. Bridges provides actionable steps, exercises, and templates, empowering participants to implement their newfound knowledge immediately.

Relevance to Modern Lifestyles:

Recognizing the fast-paced nature of contemporary life, the course integrates modern strategies and considerations. From addressing digital currencies to incorporating technology in budgeting, Bridges ensures the content remains relevant and applicable.


Limited Advanced Topics:

While the course covers a broad spectrum of financial topics, individuals seeking in-depth insights into advanced financial strategies might find the content somewhat introductory. A more extensive exploration of advanced investment strategies could enhance the course’s appeal to seasoned investors.

How much does the course cost?

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Conclusion: Is Modern Money Habits worth it?

Modern Money Habits: 5 Steps to Build the Life You Want” stands as a useful introduction for those seeking to navigate the labyrinth of personal finance. Justin Bridges’s expertise and relatable approach make this Skillshare course a valuable investment in financial education.

The course adeptly balances foundational financial principles with modern considerations, ensuring that participants not only grasp the basics but also acquire insights into the intricacies of contemporary financial landscapes. Bridges’s emphasis on practical application ensures that learners don’t merely accumulate theoretical knowledge but can actively apply it to their unique financial situations.

While the course may lack the depth required for those already well-versed in advanced financial strategies, its broad appeal makes it an excellent entry point for individuals at various stages of their financial journey. Beginners will find the step-by-step guidance particularly beneficial, while those with some financial knowledge can use the course to refine and optimize their existing habits.

By demystifying complex financial concepts, Justin Bridges provides learners with the tools and knowledge needed to embark on a journey toward financial security and prosperity. Whether you’re looking to build a solid budget, navigate the world of investments, or plan for retirement, this course equips you with the essential skills to build the life you desire.