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“Finding Instagram Success” Skillshare Review: Build an Account People Care About

Seeking Instagram success? Dive into our review of Taylor Loren's Skillshare course to determine if it's your ideal starting point

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Finding Instagram Success: Build an Account People Care About on Skillshare: Our Verdict (2023)


3.5 / 5

The Skillshare course "Finding Instagram Success: Build an Account People Care About," led by Taylor Loren, is an informative guide to crafting an authentic and engaging Instagram presence. With eight well-organized lessons, it's tailored for individuals seeking to improve their Instagram presence, whether for personal branding or business growth. Taylor's emphasis on authenticity, practical tips, comprehensive coverage, and logical structure make it a valuable resource. However, the course lacks hands-on demonstrations. Overall, its holistic approach, emphasizing genuine connections and staying true to oneself, is suitable for a diverse audience.


  • Comprehensive and digestible lessons
  • Perfect starting point for beginners


  • Could go more in depth for experienced learners
  • Not very hands-on


It’s no news that Instagram can be an important channel for marketing – but it can easily feel like an overexploited medium without much in the way of facilitating actual connections between people. In a world where authenticity often feels elusive on social media, the Skillshare course ‘Finding Instagram Success: Build an Account People Care About,’ led by Taylor Loren, piqued my interest with its promise of promoting genuine connection and true self-representation. Taylor, an experienced content marketer and Instagram marketing expert, brings her credibility to the forefront, backed by her track record of building Instagram accounts for renowned brands and celebrities. Join me as we explore her course’s highlights and weaker areas to see if it might be a good fit for you.

Table of Contents

About the course

The Skillshare course “Finding Instagram Success: Build an Account People Care About,” led by Taylor Loren, is a comprehensive and informative guide to crafting an authentic and engaging Instagram presence. Taylor Loren introduces herself as a content marketer and an Instagram marketing expert. With her extensive experience in building Instagram accounts for big brands and celebrities, her credibility as an instructor is apparent from the start.

The course is structured around eight well-organized lessons, with each lesson focusing on different aspects of achieving Instagram success. It’s tailored for anyone looking to create an Instagram account that resonates with their audience, whether it’s for personal branding, business growth, or any other purpose. Taylor emphasizes the power of authenticity and teaches how to leverage Instagram as a tool to connect, inspire, and achieve your goals.

Who is Taylor Loren?

Taylor Loren comes across as a knowledgeable and approachable instructor. She shares her journey from running her own blog to landing a life-changing internship that led her into the world of social media marketing. Her experience as the first marketing hire at Later, a popular Instagram marketing platform, further establishes her as an authority in the field.

What’s most refreshing about Taylor is her emphasis on authenticity. She practices what she preaches by openly discussing her own personal struggles with mental health on Instagram, breaking the myth that Instagram is only for showcasing perfect lives. Her holistic approach to social media, focusing on genuine connections and staying true to one’s self, is both encouraging and inspiring.

Taylor Loren's course on writing creative nonfiction is a valuable resource for aspiring writers
The course instructor, Taylor Loren

Who is the target audience?

The course is suitable for a wide range of individuals, including entrepreneurs, business owners, aspiring influencers, and anyone keen to establish a meaningful Instagram presence. It caters to both beginners and those already familiar with the platform. The emphasis on authenticity leads to the course being applicable to a diverse audience, from those who enjoy being in front of the camera to those who prefer to stay behind the scenes. She also mentions that you do not need millions of followers to find success on Instagram, allowing for a broader scope of people who may find this course helpful.

What topics does the course cover?

The course covers a broad spectrum of topics essential for achieving Instagram success:

  • The Power of Instagram: Taylor starts off the content by allowing learners to understand why Instagram matters and the positive impact it can have on individuals and businesses.
  • Busting the Myths: Here, Taylor dispels common misconceptions about Instagram, including follower count, camera quality, and the need to be a larger-than-life personality.
  • Understanding the Algorithm: Taylor goes through a comprehensive and enlightening explanation of how the Instagram algorithm works and how to use it to your advantage in this section.
  • Updating Your Profile: Taylor details the different types of Instagram profiles (personal, business, creator) and why a business profile is recommended. Taylor also discusses the importance of optimizing your Instagram bio.
  • Defining Your Mission: Your mission is the foundation of a successful Instagram account, which includes setting clear goals, identifying your target audience, and focusing on authenticity.
  • Branding Your Profile: This section covers the importance of Instagram branding, from choosing a consistent filter and editing style to optimizing your username and the link in your bio.
  • Conducting a Content Audit: Taylor discusses how to ensure your content aligns with your mission and goals, including tips on organizing content categories (or content buckets).
Taylor Loren shares her knowledge on creating compelling and shareable content on Instagram
Taylor provides insight into how she audits her Instagram content
  • Creating Great Content: Here, Taylor gives practical advice on creating content, incorporating user-generated content, and optimizing captions for maximum engagement.
  • Building a Workflow: Taylor covers tips for streamlining your Instagram marketing, including content planning, visual planning, hashtag strategies, and scheduling posts and stories.
Taylor Loren demonstrates the use of Later, a platform for scheduling and organizing Instagram posts
Taylor shows the platform Later, which allows for creating workflows to streamline Instagram posting
  • Growing Your Audience: Genuine strategies for attracting more followers, such as leveraging external platforms, cross-promotions, and engaging with your community authentically.

What I liked and disliked

As with any online learning course, there are elements that are more suited for some learners than others.

What I liked:

  • Authenticity as the core theme: Taylor Loren’s emphasis on authenticity is refreshing and essential in a time when social media can feel inauthentic. It’s a reminder that genuine connections and being true to oneself should be the focus. She also ensures learners that you do not have to have millions of followers to have success on Instagram, broadening the scope of those who can benefit from this course.
  • Practical tips and advice: The course provides practical tips and actionable advice, making it accessible to individuals at different levels of Instagram expertise.
  • Comprehensive coverage: The course covers everything from understanding the algorithm to branding and content creation. It’s a well-rounded guide for building a successful Instagram account.
  • Effective structure: The course is structured logically, with each lesson building on the previous one. This approach makes it easy to follow and implement and contributes to the digestible information.

What I disliked:

  • Lack of hands-on demonstrations: While the course provides valuable information, it could benefit from hands-on demonstrations or visual examples to illustrate certain concepts, such as editing photos or creating effective captions. Walking through the process of making an Instagram post and/or story is something I believe would benefit the learners.

How much does the course cost?

Courses on Skillshare can not be bought individually – they can only be accessed by signing up for a Skillshare membership. The good news? Skillshare offers e-student.org learners a full month free trial if you use our link (if not using our link, there is normally only a 7-day free trial). As virtually all Skillshare courses will take you less than a month to complete, you can in effect take this or any other Skillshare course for free – or any number of courses that you can finish in a month.

Once your free trial is over, the cost of Skillshare is $165 per year, which averages out to $13.75 per month. This gives you full access to all 34,000+ Skillshare courses. But if you're not happy to continue, you can easily cancel any time before your free trial ends – just go to your payment settings in your account.

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Overall thoughts

Finding Instagram Success: Build an Account People Care About” is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to harness the potential of Instagram. Taylor Loren’s approach is not about chasing numbers but about creating a meaningful and engaging presence on the platform.

The course combines Taylor’s extensive knowledge with practical tips and strategies, offering a holistic approach to Instagram success. By the end of the course, you’ll have the tools and understanding to craft an Instagram account that reflects your true self and resonates with your audience.

If you’re looking to build a personal brand, grow your business, or simply make authentic connections on Instagram, this course is a great starting point. Taylor Loren’s insights and the practical guidance she provides will set you on the path to Instagram success.