An Honest Review of Superbrain by Jim Kwik

Can Jim Kwik really supercharge your brain's capabilities in only 30 days? In this superbrain review, we will find out.

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Superbrain is one of Mindvalley’s most well-reviewed online courses. More than 2,500,000 students have enrolled in the course and the reviews of Superbrain online are overwhelmingly positive.

As a personal development and mental performance enthusiast, I knew I had to give the course a try. After all, how could I miss out on the prospect of developing a superior memory and unleashing my brain’s capabilities in only 30 days?

In this Superbrain course review, you’ll learn all about my experiences as a student taking the online class “Superbrain” by Jim Kwik.

Here is a short guide to the topics covered in this Superbrain review:

What is Superbrain?

Superbrain is Jim Kwik’s popular online course on mental performance improvement. It has a duration of 30 days, and the curriculum works in small daily chunks of content. These programs are referred to as “Quests” by Mindvalley and they are designed to help learners remember the learning materials as efficiently as possible.

To see this system in action, take a look at the Week 1 course syllabus of Superbrain:

Superbrain course week 1

This type of learning is also often called “spaced learning” and it takes advantage of the fact that our brain’s neurons need rest between study sessions. This is why the traditional “college all-nighter” is not as effective as you might first think. Spaced learning has some significant scientifically proven benefits. It has been shown to increase knowledge acquisition by 20% and knowledge application by 13%.

But, enough about the science of learning. I’ll leave that to Jim Kwik.

Who is Jim Kwik?

Jim Kwik is an author and the world’s best brain coach. He is the author of the massively popular book “Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life”, an instant #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. Jim Kwik is also the founder and CEO of Kwik Learning, a platform through which he teaches his followers how to improve learning, reading, and remembering.

As impressive as all that already is, his portfolio of experience does not end there. Jim Kwik is also a massively popular international speaker. His keynote speeches get millions of views seemingly effortlessly and he has held various popular speeches at Ted and Mindvalley Talks.

To get a better understanding of Jim’s capabilities as a public speaker, take a look at his speech on Mindvalley Talks:

As you can see from this clip, Jim has a way of engaging his audience unlike anyone else. This is also the area where I believe the Superbrain course shines the most. Even in an online course setting, Jim managed to keep me fully engaged as a student, and completing the daily Quest missions became one of my favorite parts of the day as a result.

Speaking of Quests, let’s discuss what exactly that means.

How does the Superbrain Quest Work?

Superbrain is one of Mindvalley’s Quests. Mindvalley Quests are online learning programs that are meant to be taken daily to ensure a high rate of knowledge retention. The Quest format is also where the relative long duration (30 days) of the course syllabus stems from. The 8.5 hours of content is split throughout this 30-day period with daily tasks designed to help you make the most of the material.

The daily chunks of learning content typically take around 10-15 minutes to read and or watch through, and they are accompanied by a task. The tasks are always relevant to the daily learning content, and they are designed to help you put all the ideas discussed during the lessons into practice.

Here’s an example of one set of daily student tasks in Superbrain:

Superbrain daily tasks

I’ve taken hundreds of online courses in my life and I have to say that the Mindvalley Quest system for delivering learning content is some of the best I have ever seen. The content being split into small modules really helps retain all of the knowledge, as each module targets a specific learning concept. This system ensures that you don’t simply breeze through the entire curriculum without remembering a single thing.

Now, let’s discuss some of the topics you will learn throughout the Superbrain syllabus.

What topics does Superbrain cover?

Put simply, in this online course Jim Kwik teaches students how to supercharge their brain through simple and actionable methods.

He does so by teaching his 8 main concepts to improving performance:

  • Improving memorization
  • Learning quicker and more efficiently
  • Quickening daily job tasks
  • Improving productivity
  • Upgrading your habits
  • Improving brain focus
  • Increasing confidence in yourself
  • Improving study habits

All these topics are bolstered by actionable tricks and habits that you can use to put these concepts into practice in your daily life. Unlike many other online classes, Superbrain does not overwhelm you with theoretical knowledge that you cannot use in real life. On the opposite, Jim Kwik focuses on those aspects of improving performance that can be used by anyone.

Here’s a small peek into one of the Superbrain course lessons:

Superbrain course lesson

And, the lessons included in this course don’t end with these 8 concepts. These are some more of the topics covered in Superbrain:

  • Sleep & stress management
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Speed reading
  • Establishing an effective morning routine
  • Superbrain yoga
  • Chain linking

Some of these names and concepts may be unfamiliar to you right now, but rest assured that you’ll master them by the end of this course. Jim really covers a ton of topics in this course to make sure that students get the best bang for their buck.

Next, let’s go over how much Superbrain costs.

How much does Superbrain cost?

Superbrain costs $449 when purchased individually through Mindvalley’s Single Quest Access. You also have the option of paying for the Superbrain course in three installments of $159 each. Single Quest Access gives you access to all course materials across all devices.

As a Mindvalley student, you also have a second option available to you: Mindvalley All Access. This is Mindvalley’s yearly subscription program that costs $499 per year and gives you access to not only Superbrain, but also all other current and future Mindvalley Quests. All Access offers some tremendous value for the money, but you have to be a dedicated learner to make it worthwhile.

How can I try out Superbrain for free?

If you’d like to give Superbrain a shot before committing to a full purchase, you’re in luck. Mindvalley and Jim Kwik have put together a free masterclass that gives students a taste of what the full Superbrain program is all about.

Here’s the trailer for the masterclass:

This free masterclass program takes 1 hour to complete and covers some of the topics from the full Superbrain Quest. However, this masterclass serves as more of an introduction into these topics rather than a comprehensive overview. If you want to develop a deeper understanding of Jim Kwik’s strategies for improving brain performance, you’ll have to invest in the full-length course.

However, with most online courses out there you don’t even have the chance to test the content. In Superbrain’s case, however, the free masterclass is a wonderful opportunity for students on the fence as to whether they want to invest in the full course or not.

Take advantage of the free masterclass opportunity – it’s a free lunch!

Review conclusion: is Superbrain worth it?

Now, it’s time to start wrapping up this Superbrain review.

In conclusion, I was very satisfied with what I got from the course. There is an uncountable amount of mental performance take-aways in this online course, and I’m confident that these take-aways will stay with me for the rest of my life. It might be too early for me to analyze any long-term effects received from this course, but I’m convinced that this class will have a positive effect on my life and relationships years down the line.

However, it’s also important to note that in order to truly reap the benefits from the lessons in this course, you’ll have to take action yourself. While Jim Kwik’s Superbrain does go over all the important concepts in brain performance, the person who has to put these concepts into practice is still you.

You have to be willing to make some habitual changes in your life to make the most of this class. It’s not enough to simply listen to the lessons once and then continue your life on as usual. Brain performance improvement is a lifelong process, and this online course is simply one step down the road to improving yourself.

With that being said, Jim Kwik does provide his students an excellent set of tools for self-improvement. And, that is why I can honestly recommend this online course to anyone trying to improve their brain’s capabilities. I know I’ll be checking out all of Jim Kwik’s work in the future.

All in all – I was super impressed.

Here’s a link to Superbrain course and here’s a link to the free Superbrain Masterclass.