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Tutorialspoint Review: Is This Learning Platform Legit?

Tutorialspoint is an online platform that offers a wide range of online courses. Discover this platform’s pros and cons and if its courses are worth it.

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Tutorialspoint: Our Verdict (2023)

Platform Rating

3.7 / 5

Originally focusing on the Indian market, Tutorialspoint offers a vast library of courses taught by instructors worldwide. It includes a large selection of free courses, as well as text-based tutorials and other free tools. While similar to Udemy and other platforms aggregating courses, the content trends towards beginner-level material, and quality control is sometimes lacking. The platform sometimes comes across as not being legit due to a dated user interface. However, with a relatively low price point, the course offers good value, in particular for IT students needing a wider range of entry-level and reference material.


  • Free and accessible to anyone
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive and updated content
  • Standard format and style across all tutorials


  • Few interactive course features
  • Lack of an active support community
  • Only suitable for beginners
  • Lacking in quality control


As an online learning platform that offers affordable courses, Tutorialspoint has gained significant popularity, promising a hands-on learning experience across various disciplines. Yet, despite its wide palette of topics and disciplines, it may not be a suitable option for learners of all levels.

In this article, you’ll get a 360° Tutorialspoint review, including the platform’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall suitability for learners in 2023.

The homepage of Tutorialspoint in 2023
Table of Contents

What is Tutorialspoint?

Tutorialspoint is an e-learning platform that aims to empower and attract various types of learners who are interested in subjects from Java programming to finance, psychology, or public speaking.

Additionally, Tutorialspoint offers several free courses and resources, another reason that makes this platform appealing to a broad audience.

Different course categories on Tutorialspoint
Tutorialspoint Course Categories

Examples of free courses:

Tutorialspoint instantly stands out with its user-friendly interface and its vast array of tutorials, articles, and resources across diverse domains. However, it’s also easy to notice that this platform tends to highlight coding and programming courses, and that’s because these disciplines were initially Tutorialspoint’s focus. Note that as of writing this review, their tutorials library was in the process of being reworked, which made it difficult to find and access tutorials.

For programming and development-related subjects, Tutorialspoint offers interactive code examples, enabling learners to practice and experiment with real-time coding scenarios. You can also find several multi-lingual tutorials, mostly technical-related, like Hadoop or compiler design.

Multilingual Tutorials

How Tutorialspoint Works for Instructors

Based on Tutorial Point’s explanations and instructions, hosting an online course on the platform isn’t a complicated process.

The steps to create a course are:

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Design a curriculum
  3. Record lectures in a video format (alternatively, you can publish pre-existing courses)
  4. Sign up to access the author dashboard
  5. Create the course draft and upload the videos
  6. Complete the author profile with a picture and a bio

After you submit your course, Tutorialspoint will review it and decide to either publish it or discard it if the platform’s staff believes the material isn’t suitable for their students.

Important details to keep in mind:

  1. You can decide the price you set for your courses, but according to Tutorialspoint’s T&C, the revenue generated by the paid courses will have a 50% revenue share for the company, and the remaining 50% of revenue will be shared with the instructor or the publisher;
  2. You can market your courses as you please and also have the liberty to host the same course on other platforms;
  3. You assume the responsibility that you have the required qualifications, credentials, and expertise to teach and offer the services you offer through Tutorialspoint’s website.

Tutorialspoint Features


Tutorialspoint presents the CodingGround feature as “a one-stop solution for aspiring programmers and IT professionals to start coding in their relevant software without any installation requirement.” In other words, this is a playing ground for beginner developers who want to practice and test their skills and ideas.

This is the place where students should go after they’ve completed an so they can see if they’ve achieved the skills and competencies based on the course content and curriculum.


Tutorialspoint also provides online dev tools and editors for various languages, where you can practice your coding skills and make your life easier by running specific programs. Such examples include a JSON Editor, image optimizer, or HTML Formatter.
Developer Tools

Effective Resume Writing

Among the free resources, “Effective Resume Writing” aims to help learners curate their resume with detailed guides, tips, and advice for every step. This is a starting place for learners where they can build their own resumes that highlight their best or most relevant qualifications.

Developers’ Best Practices

The “Developers’ Best Practices” feature is a comprehensive free online tutorial that goes through all the necessary best practices that developers should consider, from code reading to testing and helpful tools that enable writing high-quality, maintainable, and efficient code.

Technical Q & A

Within the ‘Technical Q & A’ menu, you can find dozens of technical quizzes to test your knowledge in a fun way. You can test how much you really know about operating systems, software, or coding. For example, there are technical quizzes that test your knowledge of Angular JS, design structures, or Go language.

A selection of quizzes and tests on Tutorialspoint
Quizzes and Tests on Tutorialspoint


The platform offers hands-on articles for learners who are more inclined or adjusted to learn new things by reading. Trending categories for articles are mostly related to computer science, programming languages, and technical topics. Examples include “Methods to clean temporary files from Ubuntu” or “How to access a collection in MongoDB using Python?”. Still, you can also find articles on topics like chemistry, psychology, or fashion studies.

Tutorialspoint Pricing

For instructors

Teachers and instructors can host their online courses for free. They can also customize a training solution for a team, an option for which Tutorialspoint provides a special plan that includes:

  • a 30-day free trial
  • a dashboard for team management
  • a dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 technical support
Tailored corporate training solutions offered by Tutorialspoint
Customized Corporate Training on Tutorialspoint

For learners

Tutorialspoint is an affordable option for online learners. The platform requires users to make an online account (for free) and then pay for the courses they choose. The most affordable courses start from $8.99, while the mid-range courses are between $24.99 and $50. Plus, there are plenty of free courses.

Students also have the option to subscribe to an annual plan if they want to have access to over 7,000 video courses. The annual membership plan usually costs $499, but you can frequently enjoy a discount of up to 60% and pay only $199.

Special annual discount offer from Tutorialspoint
Annual Discount Pricing on Tutorialspoint

Advantages (Pros) of Tutorialspoint

Tutorialspoint has many advantages that make this platform an optimal choice for online learning. The main pros are:

✅ Free and accessible to anyone

Apart from offering a wide palette of free courses, ebooks, and tutorials, you can use this learning platform without having to pay a subscription. For the most part, you only need a stable internet connection, and if you want to access paid courses, you simply pay the amount required for a specific course that you choose.

Although Tutorialspoint has an annual membership fee, this is optional and more suitable for schools or organizations that want to access a large number of courses from one or more domains.

You can also find many of the platform’s free courses on their YouTube channel.

✅ Simple and user-friendly interface

Tutorialspoint is an easy-to-navigate platform where you can effortlessly find the tutorials you are looking for. Courses and tutorials are listed based on the domain category. Alternatively, you can use the search bar and enter a course’s name or a certain industry or domain; you’ll get a list of all the related courses based on your search terms.

Or you can go to the “Library” menu and choose from the long list of alphabetically ordered courses.

✅ Comprehensive and updated content

Courses, tutorials, and eBooks cover all the basic information about a topic, and they’re straightforward and to the point. They also include the latest trends and technologies in the industry, with practical examples and exercises that help learners improve or enhance their skills.

✅ Standard format and style across all tutorials

Most tutorials are high-quality and cover a consistent presentation that follows the same format: several lectures in a video format plus one or more reading resources. As a platform that enables learning at your own pace, Tutorialspoint courses don’t require a due date or attendance on a fixed schedule.

Learners who successfully complete the course get a completion certificate and can access the course anytime after completion.

Disadvantages (Cons) of Tutorialspoint

The main disadvantages of Tutorialspoint are:

❌ Few interactive course features

Tutorials are plain and basic and don’t provide any interactive or engaging features such as quizzes or gamification that could make the learning experience more fun and rewarding. So, there’s no option for personalized or adaptive learning paths that can tailor the content to learners’ needs and goals.

❌ Lack of an active support community

Tutorialspoint doesn’t have an active community where either dedicated staff or volunteers like previous learners could guide or answer users’ questions. Tutorialspoint learners have no opportunity to clarify their doubts or learn from the collective wisdom, experience, and feedback of a community. This leads to a higher learning curve regarding the platform’s courses and benefits as new users will have to discover all of these by themselves.

❌ Only suitable for beginners

Most tutorials available on the platform are designed for entry-level and provide only basic knowledge and information. You may find a few courses that are for intermediate-level learners, helping them improve or enrich their skills. Still, there are no tutorials for advanced learners, even if some are marketed as worthy courses that offer in-depth knowledge.

❌ Lacking in quality control

Even more so than Udemy, there is a lack of quality control in which courses are allowed on the platform, and the credentials of several of the course authors are questionable. While there are also good courses in their library, it’s necessary to have a critical eye when browsing.

Are Online Courses on Tutorialspoint Worth It?

Tutorialspoint is a comprehensive and accessible online learning platform that offers several benefits to learners. The wide course library, self-paced learning approach, and affordable pricing make Tutorialspoint a tempting choice for self-motivated and independent individuals seeking to expand their knowledge and skill sets.

However, it’s essential to consider the potential drawbacks, like limited hands-on practice and the absence of advanced-level courses. Tutorialspoint isn’t the right choice if you’re looking for more structured, interactive, or personalized learning options. Additionally, Tutorialspoint certificates aren’t accredited.

Is Tutorialspoint a Legit Platform?

The short answer is yes. Tutorialspoint is a legit platform that has been around since 2006 with founders who are based in India. The platform’s initial focus was on Asian countries, but later expanded and addressed a worldwide audience.

The many questions around this learning platform’s legitimacy started from the fact that almost anyone can publish a course and train learners. Still, not all of them are necessarily subject matter experts. Also, some learners have complained that the videos and the information provided for some courses were low-quality.


How much does Tutorialspoint cost?

Tutorialspoint is not a learning platform that’s based on standard subscriptions. Instructors can load their online courses for free, while Tutorialspoint offers free and paid courses for learners. Learners only have to pay the price for their selected courses.

Do learners get a certificate after completing a course on Tutorialspoint?

Yes, most courses on Tutorialspoint provide a certificate upon course completion. However, since Tutorialspoint mostly offers foundational knowledge and advanced topics aren’t covered in as much depth, certifications only prove basic skills in a certain subject area or domain. Thus, learners may need to explore additional resources to gain comprehensive expertise in specialized areas.

Is Tutorialspoint available on mobile?

Yes, Tutorialspoint is available as a mobile app on Google Play and AppStore, allowing students to learn, watch new courses, download learning materials, and complete assignments wherever they are.

How does Tutorialspoint compare to Udemy?

Tutorialspoint is very similar to Udemy’s e-learning platform as it covers a vast library of courses taught by instructors worldwide. Learners receive a certificate after completing courses. However, courses on Udemy offer more in-depth knowledge and information and a wider range of disciplines and topics to choose from. Tutorialspoint’s target audience is composed of developers, software engineers, and IT students.