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8 Best Singing Courses to Master Your Voice & Tone

These are 8 of the best online singing courses from world-famous singers such as Christina Aguilera and Reba McEntire.

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#1 Singing Course for 2022:
Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing (MasterClass)



For those wanting to learn popular singing styles on a professional level, Christina Aguilera’s online class on MasterClass is the best choice available in 2022.

Course Instructor(s)

Christina Aguilera

Course Duration

3 hours 43 minutes (23 lessons)

Platform Rating

4.4 / 5

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Singing is one of the oldest and purest forms of human expression and a rather ancient de-stressing method. Despite being such a pure and instinctual form of expression, these days many people consider singing an act only suited for a select few. 

Bob Dylan, Beyoncé, Bono – if you’re not on their level, then why even try learning singing?

However, this is a common misconception. Most industry insiders know that singing is a skill that everyone can develop. To put it even more bluntly, if you have a voice, you can learn how to sing well

Did you know that Shakira did not make the cut for her school choir? The reason? According to her teacher, she sounded like a goat. Ouch. 

This is a great example of how good singing is not about having a “good ear for melody” or some other abstract concept. It is more about years of practice, willingness, correct techniques, and a good tutor

Singing is also a much more physical activity than many know. The lack of physical preparation is a huge factor for why so many of us have bad first experiences with singing in high school.

Luckily, thanks to the internet, it is entirely possible to improve your vocals with online voice lessons. By taking the performance anxiety out of the equation, you would be impressed at just how much potential your voice really has. 

For this reason, we decided to review the best online singing lessons for students of all levels. There are some great courses out there, both for novices and people looking to take their already great singing skills to the next level. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the cream of the crop of online singing classes.

 These are our picks for the best online singing courses.

Best Singing Courses

Best Overall: Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing (MasterClass)

Best Overall: Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing (MasterClass)

  • A vocal coach with tons of experience in the music industry
  • Teaches mental resilience as a singer​
  • Contains lessons on studio equipment selection
  • Great production value of the videos


  • Does not cover fundamental singing theory at any length

An engaging singing masterclass led by pop-superstar Christina Aguilera.

Do I really need to give in-depth instruction to the tutor? For people who have not lived under a rock for the past 30 years, Christina Aguilera is a household name. 

Mrs. Aguilera has a reputation for being an almost boringly perfect pop star. In this course, however, her sparkly personality and industry experience becomes evident to anyone. As a result, this online singing course is simply brimming with engaging content and fun moments. 

The presentation of the learning materials is where this course really shines. Aguilera is an entertaining tutor who is not afraid to share some of her own mistakes. Her credentials speak for themselves, and unlike many alternative singing classes we reviewed, she does not waste any time proving her worth to the audience.

In her masterclass, Christina also shares insider tips on how she has overcome various difficulties during her career. These stories help remove some of that “star aura” around her, and they make her experiences seem more applicable to anyone’s life.

So, who would benefit most from this course? I would say that the primary target audience for this online class would be aspiring recording artists and budding singing professionals. 

That is because, in this class, there are several lectures suited specifically to aspiring studio artists. Lessons such as in-depth coverage of the differences between live and in-studio microphones. If you are only getting started at singing, mastering your mic knowledge might seem insignificant at first. 

However, take a moment to consider that, these days, many of the world’s biggest stars have started recording from their bedrooms. So, if you are looking to carve out a real career as a recording artist, this course will give you a fantastic head-start. 

For those wanting to learn singing on a professional level, Christina Aguilera’s online class on MasterClass is the best choice available.

Best University-led Course: The Singer Songwriter Specialization (Coursera)

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  • Course led by a top-ranking university
  • Allows students to set their own pace of learning
  • Logical and easy-to-follow structure
  • The last course wholly dedicated to Ableton Live


  • Great all-round course for singer-songwriters but lacks focus on singing

A masterclass on both the creative and technical aspects of musicianship led by the Berklee College of Music.

This singer-songwriter specialization masterclass is delivered by Berklee College of Music from Boston, Massachusetts. Before we move along, allow me to give you some examples from the graduate list of Berklee. The likes of John Mayer, Charlie Puth, and Diana Krall have enrolled in this prestigious university. So, it should not be a major surprise that this Coursera course is high on our list of the top online singing courses. 

So, what exactly makes it the top-ranking course on our list?

Well, for starters, this is not a mere singing class. Think of it more as a starter pack for developing a successful career out of singing and songwriting. Let me do a quick breakdown of what one can expect from the class. 

In the first two courses, students will be taught the technical basics of guitar and singing in the modern popular music context. All the techniques taught are suitable for both total beginners and intermediate level learners. 

The final two courses focus on the creative side of musicianship. Students will get an in-depth introduction to music theory and good songwriting. The class is rounded up by a beginner-friendly yet professional introduction to Ableton Live. Ableton Live is currently one of the most widely lauded music production software out there.

If you are looking for an all-round course to advance on your technical skills and creativity, this is your best pick. Whether you are a total beginner or an already active recording artist, this masterclass on musicianship is certainly a worthy investment.

Best Free Course: The ABCs of Singing (Skillshare)

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  • An engaging and passionate vocal coach
  • Straightforward and easy-to-follow materials
  • Learning materials cut straight to the point


  • Audio in the courses a bit low at times
  • Rather short in length

An entry-level course to the ABCs of singing - ideal for beginners.

For people with no prior experience in singing whatsoever, this is a superb singing course for getting the foundation right. 

It is a very straightforward, 24-minute course on the ABCs of singing and it’s free to take if you take advantage of our extended 30-day free trial on Skillshare. During the trial period, you can also make use of Skillshare’s various other online singing classes, some of which are upcoming in this list.

Now – back to the course. In four practical lectures, students will learn the essential practices (the ABCs) for voice tuning. Your voice is an instrument, remember, and it needs tuning just the same as a guitar would.

So, what are these ABCs? 

  • A stands for alignment of the body; 
  • B stands for breathing correctly;
  • C stands for connecting with the right muscles.

What I personally love about this introductory crash course is how eye-opening it is for beginners. People go in with no expectations and are genuinely surprised by how much improvement correct body alignment makes for their vocal range. 

The vocal coach, Mrs. Jayne Norrie, has made the effort to teach the techniques in a straightforward and beginner-friendly manner. Despite the focus being on practical tips, the material is engaging throughout. 

For beginners, this is one of our absolute favorite online singing classes (and you can take it for free using Skillshare’s trial!).

Reba McEntire Teaches Country Music (MasterClass)

Reba McEntire Teaches Country Music (MasterClass)

  • Very engaging course instructor
  • Led by world-famous country singer and songwriter
  • Syllabus is full of actionable tips


  • Largely focused on the genre of country music

A masterclass from Reba McEntire, the reigning queen of country music.

For those unfamiliar with the country music scene, Reba McEntire is an award-winning country music superstar stemming from Oklahoma. She has had hit singles all throughout the 70s, 80s, 90s, continuing into the 2000s.

Her life and career hit a major roadblock when eight members of her band tragically died in a plane crash on March 16 1991. However, despite this tragedy, Reba managed to push herself back on her feet and continue reigning as the “Queen of Country”.

In her online course, you’ll learn all about how Reba tackles singing – everything from voice exercises in a hot shower all the way to how she handles the big stage.

While her class is largely focused on country music, we believe that any budding singer can be inspired by her teachings. The exercises she teaches are applicable to any genre of music, and the stories she shares about her career are inspiring to absolutely anyone, whether or not they are interested in music.

We recommend Reba McEntire’s online course on MasterClass to anyone interested in voice exercises, country music, or simply hearing a magnificent woman’s stories.

Singing Made Easy (Level 1): Complete Vocal Training System (Skillshare)

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  • Renowned instructor with experience in teaching the likes of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and A. R. Rahma
  • Great foundational course to take as a preparation for formal singing lessons
  • Large amount of beginner-friendly vocal exercises


  • Course a bit fast-paced for beginners

A foundational course for vocal training and voice exercises.

To say Mr. Gabriel Burrafato has experience would be an understatement. He has 20 years of experience in being an active vocalist and also giving lessons for singing. Now, he has brought his passion and expertise to Skillshare. The course is officially listed as an “all levels” course. However, in my opinion, beginners would benefit most from the techniques in this online singing class. If one has never sung before, it is a great course for starting on the right track.

After a short introduction lecture, the students are presented with the most common vocal warm-up techniques. Remember, in singing context, voice is an instrument. And as most know, instruments must be finely tuned before use. After attendees have correctly warmed up their vocal cords, the real work begins. Students will have a crash course of practical vocal techniques that will instantly improve one’s melodic capabilities. 

Singing is about practice, so students should not expect to be Taylor Swift after completing these online vocal lessons. If one wishes to pursue singing seriously, this course is a great foundation for future in-depth practices. By learning some professionally taught vocal techniques, students can approach future singing classes confidently. And to be honest, I would gladly take the opportunity to go all smarty-pants on staccato scales at my first formal singing lesson.

Singing Like a Pro: Exercises to Help You Find Your Unique Voice (Skillshare)

Singing Like a Pro: Exercises to Help You Find Your Unique Voice (Skillshare)
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Test Skillshare for free with no-questions-asked cancellation: 30-day free trial

  • A personalized course with a possibility of contacting the tutor directly
  • Helps with overcoming traumatic experiences related to singing

A personalized singing course for getting the most out of one's unique voice.

This Skillshare singing course is taught by a professional singer-songwriter, Mrs. Eve Williams. Her calm manner and seasoned knowledge of the music industry make her one of my favorite online vocal coaches.

The 1h 15min course is listed as “all levels”. However, if the other Skillshare courses in the list are for total novices, active vocalists would benefit most from this course. What do I mean by this? Well, the major strong point of the course is the opportunity of personalizing the experience. The tutor will gladly accept audio files from the attendees and give them her professional opinion. She will also provide specific tips and techniques for getting the most out of one’s unique voice. If students have a specific singing related obstacle to overcome, this is a great class for overcoming this problem online. 

Williams has experience in working with some extremely tough cases. For example, she has taught people coming right out of vocal surgery. Helping them get their voices to what they were before. She has also helped people with overcoming a debilitating performance-anxiety. 

These examples should be proof of the fact that becoming a better singer is possible for almost everyone.

Learn to Sing (Even if You Suck) (Udemy)


  • Lighthearted, humorous and entertaining presentation
  • Great course for first-time singers​
  • Good for mastering one's karaoke skills


  • Not the best choice for people focused on pursuing singing as a career

A lighthearted and humorous course for total beginners to singing.

Unfortunately, even some of the supposedly beginner-friendly courses can get a bit heavy and intimidating. I almost began to wonder whether I could find an online singing course for people who have literally never sung before. Luckily, I found the perfect course for aspiring shower-singers out there. 

First things first, this course does not take itself too seriously. This makes it the best possible resource for people who have never once sung in their lives. If you are dreaming of a Broadway career, there are better classes to take. Both online and in real life. However, if you want to be a star of your next karaoke night, this is a great choice. 

While the course does contain practical vocal lessons, this lecture is mostly about getting attendees out of their shells. Everyone knows how fun karaoke nights could be. But, we all have this one friend who claims himself to be “tone deaf” and never participates. If you recognize yourself as this person, this course is for you. However, be warned of the jealousy of your friends next time you hit the mic on a night out.

Singing Simplified #1: The Fast-Track to Singing Like a Pro (Udemy)

Singing Simplified #1: The Fast-Track to Singing Like a Pro (Udemy)

  • A charismatic and passionate vocal coach
  • Includes an e-book on music theory and songwriting

An informative and practical course for aspiring singer-songwriters.

We continue our list with another singing class aimed at aspiring recording artists. As with the course by Christina Aguilera, the focus here is on mainstream styles such as country and rock. If I would have to choose a specific target audience for this course, I would pick band vocalists or singer-songwriters. Why? Mainly because the instructor, Steve Glazer, knows all the struggles and joys of being an independent musician. As a vocalist and guitarist, he has been in the industry for 20 years. 

In this online class, Glazer makes use of his effortless charm and industry-experience. His lighthearted delivery makes technical materials easily understandable, even for total beginners. This is a personalized course. Glazer will review the voices of the attendees and provide specific techniques and tips to improve their voices even further. What I also find impressive, is that the class goes beyond teaching vocalizing techniques. 

Purchasing the course will also grant attendees access to a 66-page written course on music theory and songwriting. To sum it up, it is the best online course for all independent artists looking to take their performing skills to the next level. You never know – by getting some professional singing lessons, you just might make the transition from the garage to Madison Square Garden.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can total beginners take online singing lessons?

Yes. It is very possible to improve one’s voice and tone by participating in online classes. However, you need to be careful in selecting the course most suitable for your goals. Are you starting to sing for the first time ever? Are you already an active recording artist looking to take the next step? Are you focused on singing live or in a studio? Consider your personal background goals for the best results.

What online singing class is right for you?

That depends entirely on your previous experience and desired goals. If you are a beginner, we would advise choosing singing focused on practical beginner-friendly vocal techniques. If you are an aspiring recording artist, we would advise picking a more broad course that would also contain lessons on songwriting, studio equipment and/or software.

Should I pursue singing if I experience performance anxiety?

If singing is something you wish to do, then the answer is a resounding yes. Most of the singing classes in our list touch on the subject of performance nervousness. These courses also share professional tips on how to overcome these issues. And just so you know, massive artists such as Christina Aguilera (a featured instructor on our list) also suffer from performance anxiety from time to time.