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LearnWorlds Review: The Best White-Label Course Creation Platform?

LearnWorlds is a user-friendly e-learning platform with the option to sell online courses. Read our review to find out more about the pros and cons, features, and pricing.

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LearnWorlds: Our Verdict (2023)

Platform Rating

4.6/ 5

LearnWorlds is a powerful and versatile e-learning platform that offers a range of features and benefits for instructors who want to create engaging and profitable courses. Although it poses a bit of a learning curve for course creators and instructors, the overall easy-to-use UX and the endless possibilities to create engaging courses make LearnWorlds an excellent option. The platform has a steep tier pricing structure, as providing learners with engaging courses means investing in a more expensive plan. Yet, the investment will likely be worth it for more ambitious course creators.


  • White-label branding
  • Engaging and effective e-learning experiences
  • Easy-to-use website builder
  • Integrated sales funnel
  • Seamless integrations
  • 360° customer support


  • Limited features for the Starter plan
  • Minimal customization for learners
  • Limited third-party integrations
  • Somewhat steep learning curve for instructors


If you’re looking for a way to easily create and sell online courses, you might have heard of LearnWorlds. LearnWorlds is an e-learning creation and hosting solution that allows you to organize engaging and interactive courses from top to bottom, as well as build an online school and community.

But is LearnWorlds the right platform for you? Read this review and find out about LearnWorlds’ main features, pros and cons, pricing, and whether this platform is worth it, so you can make an informed decision.

LearnWorlds Homepage
The homepage of LearnWorlds in 2023
Table of Contents

What is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is a cloud-based, user-friendly, and feature-rich online course platform marketed as ideal for versatile training.

LearnWorlds aims to provide a complete solution for creating, hosting, and selling online courses, as well as building your own branded landing page, mobile app, and online community. It can be used as a reliable and fully customizable training solution for selling courses, or for corporate usages, such as employee training or customer onboarding.

Apart from the option to create and sell online courses, LearnWorlds integrates a built-in community, dozens of templates, a modular page builder, straightforward analytics, and an automated certificate generator for course graduates.

LearnWorlds follows an all-in-one course platform approach but with a twist. LearnWorlds platform is similar to integrated course creation and marketing platforms, like Thinkific and Kajabi but offers unique functionality. This platform provides a complete white-label experience to the same extent as a platform like LearnDash (but without the complication of having to set up a WordPress site), allowing course creators to personalize online schools or organizations, specifically removing the LearnWorlds brand name and replacing it with their own.

How the LearnWorlds Platform Works

Right after you’ve created an account, LearnWorlds’ welcome screen will invite you to choose what you want to do, whether it’s one or more of the following:

  • Create a course
  • Build a landing page
  • Build a mobile app
LearnWorlds Welcome Screen Options: Create Course, Build Landing Page, Mobile App
Welcome Screen - LearnWorlds

Creating a course

If you select to create a course, you’ll first need to:

  1. Choose a topic and learning objectives
  2. Create a storyboard
  3. Select a hosting option (self-hosting, online course marketplace, or online course platform)
  4. cChoose a learning model (online, cohort-based, subscription, or membership)

Then, you can start creating your content. As you go along, you can consider including interactive videos, workshops, webinars, quizzes, and assignments. Additionally, you have the option to create an online community where learners can engage, ask questions, or share ideas.

Create Your Course - Step-by-Step Instructions
Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Course

Create a landing page for your course

Once you’ve settled all the details of your course, create a sales page or a landing page where you can describe what your course is about, to whom it’s dedicated, and what learners will accomplish if they choose to take this course.

LearnWorlds assists you in every step with its advanced site builder that covers customizable templates, making it easy for anyone to create an eye-catching website. If you change your mind about anything, you can always come back and update the page. For instance, after your first cohort completes your course, you can ask learners to leave reviews, which you can then add to the course page.

The site builder allows you to build a mini-website. This is not just a simple web page but rather a full-fledged course portal where you can easily integrate a pricing page, a thank you page, affiliate program terms, and many other features you might want for your course.

Course Website Pages Overview
List of created course website pages

Create a mobile app

While creating a mobile may seem like a tricky step and suitable only for those with a huge budget or tech-savvy individuals who know how to code, LearnWorlds helps you with all the complicated aspects of this process. The platform will handle the reviewing and publishing on Google Play and App Store.

You only have to take care of the design and text for all the app screens you choose to include.
So, you can choose an app name and icon and then customize:

  • colors
  • texts
  • backgrounds
  • splash screens
  • onboarding screens

Furthermore, you can create push notifications to ensure students stay on track and send them reminders or any updates about your course. Before you send it to the app stores, you can test it out to see how it looks and works, so you can adjust or modify it and make sure it covers everything your students need.

LearnWorlds Course App Creation Page
Creating your course app on LearnWorlds

Other LearnWorlds Features

Marketing tools

Marketing tools for a course platform can be handy, and LearnWorlds offers plenty, like:

  1. Bundles: create a collection of courses that you can bundle and sell as one product;
  2. Subscriptions: subscription plans for access to your services;
  3. Promotions (coupons): an option to drive effective campaigns;
  4. Leads from pages: generate leads by adding sign-up or newsletter forms to your course page;
  5. Customer feedback widgets: you can choose from many templates and create several forms where you can ask students or employees to rate the course, help learners self-evaluate their progress, or create various marketing research forms, like evaluating brand awareness for your school or company;
  6. Affiliate management: make your course more visible online and set commission rates; plus, you can also enable the option to see which customers and leads affiliates have signed up.

Reports Center

LearnWorlds integrates an extensive reports menu where course developers can track and manage users’ progress and assessments. The reports center includes an exam board to monitor learners’ grades and certifications.

Additionally, the reports center shows your financials, including course orders and sales.

LearnWorlds User Reports Overview
Features menu in LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds Integrations

LearnWorld supports several integrations, including:

  • Affiliates: ReferralCandy and Refersion
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Mixpanel, and Facebook Pixel
  • Customer service: FreshChat, Zendask, Olark, and Tawk.to
  • Email marketing: MailChimp, Active Campaign AWeber, and ConvertKit
  • Growth tools: Google Search Console Verification, Intercom, SumoMe, and HubSpot
  • Social proof: Fomo
  • Teleconferencing: Zoom, Webex
  • Video players: Vimeo, Wistia
  • Workflows: Zapier
  • Booking sessions: Calendly

LearnWorlds’ pricing model is based on monthly subscriptions, starting from 24$/ month for the starter plan. Subscription plans gradually increase based on added features and included capabilities, going up to $249/month and a higher, customizable plan for high volume and corporate settings.

The platform also offers a 30-day free trial without a credit card requirement.

LearnWorlds Pricing

LearnWorlds’ pricing model is based on monthly subscriptions, starting from 24$/ month for the starter plan. Subscription plans gradually increase based on added features and included capabilities, going up to $249/month and a higher, customizable plan for high volume and corporate settings.

The platform also offers a 30-day free trial without a credit card requirement.

LearnWorlds Pricing Table for Monthly Packages
LearnWorlds monthly pricing plans

Tier 1 - The Starter Plan

With the Starter plan, instructors can create:
  • Paid Courses
  • eBooks
  • Exams & Quizzes
  • 1-on-1 & Group Sessions
  • Drip Courses
However, instructors have limited customizable options for building a website to promote and sell their online course, and can only choose basic integrations. They can monetize their courses with coupons and flexible checkout options, but only via 4 payment gateways.

Tier 2 - Pro Trainer

Pro Trainer includes all the Starter plan’s features and more to increase learners’ engagement, like:

  • customizable course player
  • assessments & certificates
  • live classes & webinars
  • 20 SCORMs / HTML5

Additionally, instructors can create an unlimited number of free and paid courses, and have access to the complete site builder and survey builder. They also enjoy 24/7 priority e-mail support and are allowed to join LearnWorlds Academy to learn more about how to better use the platform’s functionalities.

Pro Trainer users get Advanced Zapier and premium integrations, plus more monetization options through the pop-up builder, subscriptions, and memberships.

Tier 3 - Learning Center

Learning Center (as the platform’s most popular option) includes Starter & Pro features plus:

  • the option to fully customize/white-label your course
  • create a mobile app
  • boost learners’ experience with videos, auto-transcripts & subtitles, unlimited SCORMs,
  • multiple accounts for video conferencing tools
  • access to more reports and schedule automated reports

Tier 3 users also get premium onboarding and 24/7 support and enable webhooks and API integration.

Tier 4 - High volume and Corporate

High volume and Corporate plans include all the above features and extended capabilities to ensure the platform’s uptime and seamless operations. These extended and advanced features include:

  • premium cloud servers
  • multiple daily backups
  • unlimited admins / custom user roles

Organizations that choose the High volume and Corporate plan get tailored pricing and flexible invoicing options and can sign custom SLA, contract, and DPA. Apart from premium onboarding and support, these users can also directly contact LearnWorlds’ Customer Success Manager for any issue they may have with the course platform.

Advantages (Pros) of LearnWorlds

✅ White-label branding

One of LearnWorlds’ standout features is its extensive customization options. LearnWorlds allows you to use your own domain name, logo, colors, and fonts to imprint your brand identity on your online school, and completely personalize your course content. You can also create a branded mobile app for your school with no coding skills required.

✅ Engaging and effective e-learning experiences

You can choose from a variety of tools and features to make your courses interactive and engaging, such as interactive videos, ebooks, quizzes, certificates, SCORMs, surveys, live sessions, and more. You can also create beautiful themes for your course player and customize your course pathways.

✅ Easy-to-use website builder

LearnWorlds boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for both instructors and learners to navigate through the platform. The course platform has an intuitive drag-and-drop website builder that lets you create stunning landing pages for your courses and school or organization. You can choose from hundreds of templates or use the magic beauty feature and go through different designs automatically.

✅ Integrated sales funnel

You can monetize your skills and audience with advanced pricing options for your courses, bundles, and memberships. The platform allows instructors to create sales pages, upsell and cross-sell with promotions, set pricing options, and implement marketing strategies to attract potential learners.

✅ Seamless integrations

LearnWorlds allows you to connect with popular marketing tools like Mailchimp, Zapier, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and more. You can also integrate with payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, and 2Checkout.

✅ 360° customer support

The learning platform provides you with everything you need to succeed as an online instructor and entrepreneur. You can access their help center, customer support, experts network, daily webinars, and academy to learn more about how to create and sell online courses.

Disadvantages (Cons) of LearnWorlds

While LearnWorlds is a robust e-learning platform with numerous advantages, it does have its drawbacks. Below, we’ll outline what we consider to be the downsides or cons of choosing LearnWorlds over its competitors:

❌ Limited features for the Starter plan

While the Starter plan is affordable for beginners, it has some limitations, such as a $5 fee per course sale, no subscriptions or memberships, no Zapier integrations, and no custom iOS/Android app. Additionally, the Starter plan offers customer support only between Monday and Friday, as opposed to the 24/7 support offered for the rest of the subscriptions. The higher plans offer more features and flexibility, but they may be too expensive for some trainers who are just starting or have a small audience.

❌ Minimal customization for learners

While LearnWorlds offers extensive customization options for instructors, the platform provides limited customization capabilities for learners. Course participants may have limited control over the appearance and layout of the learning interface, which may hinder their personalization preferences.

❌ Limited third-party integrations

While LearnWorlds provides several third-party tool integrations, it limits integrations with external applications and learning management systems (LMS). Instructors don’t have the option to use many common tools.

❌ Somewhat steep learning curve for instructors .

LearnWorlds has a lot of customizable features and improvements and regularly adds new ones. While this may seem like a positive thing, it can become overwhelming for instructors who need to take some time to learn how to use them all effectively. Some instructors and trainers have reported that they needed to watch some tutorials or attend webinars to familiarize themselves with the platform and its capabilities.

Is LearnWorlds Worth It?

LearnWorlds is a powerful and versatile e-learning platform that offers a range of features and benefits for instructors who want to create engaging and profitable courses. Although it poses a bit of a learning curve for course creators and instructors, the overall easy-to-use UX and the endless possibilities to create engaging courses make LearnWorlds an excellent option for ambitious course creators.

Creators have full control over the look of the main library page and course layout and can choose from several options and templates to make the student’s experience easy to navigate.

You can get started with a 30-day trial, and the tier 1 pricing plan has a relatively low price. However, you’ll need to choose the “Learning Center” plan, which is $249 a month, if you want to access some of the most highly promoted and advertised features, such as interactive video and the white-labeled mobile app. In fact, getting the mobile app requires users to have a Learning Center subscription and pay an additional fee.

So, the starter plan is strictly for you to get started, adjust to the platform, and learn more about how it works. The platform has a steep tier pricing structure, as providing learners with engaging courses means investing in a more expensive plan. Yet, according to user reviews, the investment is worth it and the go-to solution for hosting course content, including lessons, videos, downloads, and more.


How much is LearnWorlds?
LearnWorlds offers multiple pricing plans to cater to different needs and budgets. While it may be more expensive compared to some other course platforms, the features and flexibility it provides make it worth considering for those looking for a comprehensive online course solution. LearnWorlds offers a 30-day free trial, and the pricing plans start from $24/month and can reach over $249/month for customized plans dedicated to large enterprises.

Does LearnWorlds offer third-party tool integrations?
LearnWorlds integrates with a wide range of third-party tools and services, allowing instructors to extend the functionality of their courses. It integrates with popular marketing tools, analytics platforms, webinar software, and membership plugins, enabling seamless workflows and enhancing the overall course experience.

Does LearnWorlds have a mobile app?
As a cloud-based platform, LearnWorlds is available on desktop and mobile devices. The e-learning platform’s updates, releases, and fixes are done on the cloud, making LearnWorlds a “plug ‘n play” system. Additionally, it offers instructors and students flexibility in terms of teaching or attending courses anytime, anywhere.

Is LearnWorlds better than Thinkific?
Both LearnWorlds and Thinkific are good e-learning platforms, but LearnWorlds provides more features and options to create engaging courses. Thinkific is more suitable for individuals and beginners who need to create online free courses to scale up their business. Thus, Thinkific is a better choice in terms of pricing as it offers a free plan, so you can get started without making a monetary investment upfront. LearnWorlds requires a bigger investment for its advanced features.