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Code Monkey Reviewed: A Revolution for Teaching Children Programming?

Looking to provide your children or students with a grounding in real programming languages? In our review of Code Monkey, we’ll have an in-depth look at what this platform has to offer budding programmers.

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Code Monkey: Our Verdict (2023)

Platform Rating

4.6 / 5

Code Monkey is an educational platform that stands out in how it manages to capture the imagination and inquisitiveness of young minds, seamlessly blending play with the precision of programming. Teaching real-world languages such as Python and JavaScript, tools that are shaping our digital landscape, the platform provides an adaptive learning ecosystem that grows alongside its users. While the cost and the lack of offline capability are issues, we recommend the platform for anyone looking to build an interest and foundational knowledge of programming in children.


  • Engaging learning method
  • Real programming languages
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Adaptive learning structure
  • Extensive support resources


  • Cost consideration
  • Limited offline capabilities
  • Platform specificity


Platform specificity

As an educator who has navigated the multifaceted landscape of teaching computer science across various grade levels, I recognize the transformative power of coding literacy in our digital era. Code Monkey emerges as a vital ally in this educational quest, offering a platform that is as vibrant and innovative as it is intuitive and educator-friendly. It transforms the formidable challenge of teaching code into a delightful escapade brimming with interactive discovery and joy.

In my experience, the tools we use in the classroom need to be flexible, scalable, and, most importantly, engaging. Code Monkey rises to this challenge, providing an immersive environment where coding concepts are not mere abstractions but tangible skills that students can master and enjoy. It’s a resource that adapts to the learner’s journey, growing with them from elementary puzzles to complex algorithms, mirroring the progression of my teaching curriculum from basic digital literacy to intricate coding projects.

This review is not just from the perspective of an observer but from someone who has witnessed the spark in students’ eyes as they bring their code to life. Code Monkey is more than just a learning platform; it is a partner in education, empowering both the instructor and the learner. For parents and fellow educators eager to weave coding into the educational tapestry of their children or students, Code Monkey shines as a beacon of innovation, making the essential 21st-century skill of coding an accessible, captivating, and enriching experience.

Table of Contents

Overview of Code Monkey

Code Monkey, a cutting-edge online platform, is revolutionizing the landscape of children’s programming education. At its core, Code Monkey is designed to make coding accessible and enjoyable for young learners. The platform offers a unique blend of game-based learning and real programming languages, enabling children to build essential skills in a fun, interactive environment. Through a series of captivating games and challenges, learners are gradually introduced to the world of coding, covering everything from basic programming concepts to more complex problem-solving skills. The platform’s curriculum is thoughtfully structured to align with various educational standards, making it a valuable resource for both home learning and classroom settings. Code Monkey stands out for its commitment to demystifying the coding experience, ensuring that the next generation is well-equipped to navigate and contribute to our increasingly digital world.

Key features of Code Monkey

Code Monkey shines with an array of features meticulously designed to make coding both fun and educational for young minds. Here are some of the key highlights:

  1. Interactive Coding Games: At the heart of Code Monkey are its interactive games, which are brilliantly designed to teach coding concepts in a way that feels more like play than learning. These games gradually increase in complexity, ensuring that students remain challenged and engaged as they progress.
  2. Real Programming Languages: Unlike many coding platforms for kids that rely on block-based coding, Code Monkey introduces learners to real programming languages. This early exposure is invaluable, laying a foundation for future learning in more advanced coding environments.
  3. Comprehensive Curriculum: The platform boasts a well-structured curriculum that spans a wide range of topics. From the basics of coding to more advanced concepts like game design and app development, Code Monkey covers it all, making it a comprehensive learning tool.
  4. Teacher and Parent Resources: Recognizing the crucial role of educators and parents in the learning process, Code Monkey provides extensive resources and guides. These materials help adults facilitate learning, track progress, and engage with the content alongside their students or children.
  5. Engagement and Motivation Tools: With its system of rewards, achievements, and interactive challenges, Code Monkey excels at keeping students motivated. These elements encourage continuous learning and exploration, turning each coding challenge into a rewarding experience.
  6. Adaptable Difficulty Levels: Code Monkey’s adaptive learning technology ensures that each student’s experience is tailored to their skill level. This personalized approach helps maintain an optimal learning curve for every individual.
Navigating Code Monkey's jungle: Where coding meets creativity
Navigating Code Monkey's jungle: Where coding meets creativity

Target audience and usability

Code Monkey is meticulously crafted for young learners, typically aged between 8 and 16 years. This age range is pivotal, as it’s when cognitive skills are rapidly developing, making it an ideal time to introduce the logical and creative thinking required in coding. The platform is versatile enough to cater to various skill levels, from complete beginners to those with some prior experience in coding, ensuring that every child finds value and growth opportunities.

The user experience on Code Monkey is a testament to its thoughtful design. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing children to navigate its features with ease. The interface is clean and engaging, with vibrant visuals and clear instructions that guide young learners through each coding task. This ease of use extends to educators and parents as well, with straightforward monitoring tools and support resources. Whether in a classroom setting or at home, Code Monkey ensures a smooth and accessible learning journey for everyone involved.

Educational value

Code Monkey stands out not just as a tool for learning coding but as a comprehensive educational platform that fosters a wide range of skills:

  1. Foundational Coding Knowledge: The platform excels in teaching the fundamentals of coding. Through its interactive games and challenges, students learn syntax, commands, and the logic behind programming languages, building a solid foundation for future learning in more complex coding environments.
  2. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Code Monkey’s curriculum is designed to promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Each level presents new challenges that encourage learners to think logically and creatively to find solutions, skills that are invaluable in many aspects of life.
  3. Persistence and Learning from Failure: Coding often involves trial and error, and Code Monkey teaches young learners the value of persistence. By encouraging students to learn from their mistakes and try different approaches, the platform fosters a growth mindset, crucial for success in any field.
  4. Real-World Applications: By introducing real programming languages, Code Monkey provides students with practical skills that have direct applications in the real world. This approach helps students understand the relevance of what they are learning and how it can be applied in various technological contexts.
  5. Collaborative Learning Opportunities: Though primarily an individual learning journey, Code Monkey also offers opportunities for collaboration, enabling students to work together on coding projects. This aspect of the platform nurtures teamwork and communication skills, essential in today’s collaborative work environments.
  6. Engagement and Enjoyment in Learning: Perhaps most importantly, Code Monkey makes learning fun. The gamified approach ensures that students are not only learning valuable skills but are also enjoying the process, which is key to sustained engagement and long-term learning.
Syntax and smiles: Coding with Code Monkey
Syntax and smiles: Coding with Code Monkey

Pricing and value for money

Understanding the cost structure of an educational tool is key for parents and educators. Code Monkey offers a transparent and flexible pricing model that caters to different needs:

  1. Subscription Options: Code Monkey provides various subscription plans, including options for individual users, families, and educational institutions. These plans are tailored to suit different usage patterns and budgets, making the platform accessible to a wide range of users.
  2. Free Trial and Access: A significant advantage is the availability of a free trial. This feature allows users to experience the platform before committing financially, ensuring that it meets their expectations and needs.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: When assessing the value for money, it’s important to consider the comprehensive nature of Code Monkey’s offering. The platform provides a robust curriculum, real coding experience, and continuous updates, all of which contribute to its cost-effectiveness.
  4. Discounts and Offers: Educators and institutions might be eligible for discounts, making Code Monkey an attractive option for classroom settings. Keeping an eye on promotional offers can also benefit individual users and families.
  5. Long-Term Value: Investing in Code Monkey can be seen as an investment in a child’s future. The skills learned on the platform are not only relevant today but will continue to be valuable as technology evolves.
  6. Comparative Advantage: Compared to other coding platforms, Code Monkey offers unique features like real programming languages and a comprehensive curriculum, which justify its pricing and offer a strong value proposition.
Tailored to fit: Code Monkey's flexible subscription plans
Tailored to fit: Code Monkey's flexible subscription plans

Pros and cons

Like any educational tool, Code Monkey comes with its set of advantages and limitations. Here’s an overview:


  1. Engaging Learning Method: The gamified approach makes learning to code fun and captivating for children, ensuring sustained interest.
  2. Real Programming Languages: Teaching actual coding languages gives students a practical skill set that is directly applicable in the real world.
  3. Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering a wide range of topics, the curriculum caters to various learning stages, from beginners to more advanced learners.
Code Monkey's Curriculum: A Spectrum of Learning Paths
  1. Adaptive Learning: The platform adjusts to the learner’s skill level, making it suitable for a diverse range of users.
  2. Extensive Support Resources: Abundant resources for teachers and parents facilitate effective implementation and support of the learning process.


  1. Cost Consideration: For some, the subscription cost might be a barrier, especially when compared to free resources available online.
  2. Internet Dependency: Being an online platform, Code Monkey requires a reliable internet connection, which might limit accessibility in certain areas.
  3. Limited Offline Capabilities: The lack of extensive offline features could be a drawback for users with intermittent internet access.
  4. Platform Specificity: While Code Monkey teaches real programming languages, the application of these skills is somewhat confined to the platform’s environment and might require additional learning for external applications.

Recommendations for potential users

To fully harness the power of Code Monkey, here are some targeted recommendations for various users:

1. For Parents:

  • Engage with your children’s learning journey. Take time to understand the platform and possibly learn alongside them. This not only supports their learning but also strengthens the parent-child bond.
  • Utilize the parent dashboard to track progress and celebrate achievements, which motivates continued learning.

2. For Educators:

  • Integrate Code Monkey into your curriculum by aligning it with other subjects, thereby enhancing the relevance and applicability of coding skills.
  • Encourage collaborative projects among students, fostering teamwork and peer learning, which are crucial in a classroom setting.

3. For Students:

  • Approach the platform with curiosity and don’t be afraid to experiment. Coding is as much about creativity as it is about logic.
  • Take advantage of the gamified elements and challenges to make learning enjoyable and maintain your enthusiasm.

4. For Beginners in Coding:

  • Start with the basics and gradually move to more complex levels. Don’t rush the process; understanding foundational concepts is key to advancing in coding.

5. For Advanced Learners:

  • Explore the more complex games and challenges to deepen your understanding and apply your skills in new ways.
  • Use Code Monkey as a stepping stone to further coding education, such as learning more advanced languages or developing your own projects.

6. General Tips:

  • Regular practice is crucial. Consistent engagement with the platform will yield better results and a deeper understanding of coding concepts.
  • Stay updated with any new features or updates on Code Monkey to continuously enhance your learning experience.


Code Monkey doesn’t merely stand as a coding platform; it represents an educational revolution that captures the imagination and inquisitiveness of young minds. Its prowess is evident in its seamless blending of play with the precision of programming, allowing children to navigate the complexities of coding in a space that is inviting and exhilarating. As students embark on quests and solve puzzles, they are unknowingly laying down a robust foundation in languages such as Python and JavaScript, tools that are shaping our digital landscape.

This platform transcends the traditional boundaries of education, harnessing the innate propensity of children for interactive engagement. It speaks the language of the digital natives, offering them a playground that is both familiar and challenging. The versatility of Code Monkey ensures that each learner, irrespective of their starting point, finds a path tailored to their developmental pace and interest. It’s an ecosystem that adapts, evolves, and grows alongside its users, a characteristic that is indispensable in the fast-paced evolution of educational technology.

While the practicalities of cost and internet access are considerations that cannot be overlooked, they are dwarfed by the magnitude of value that Code Monkey provides. It is an edifice built on the premise that learning should be joyous and boundless. In a world that is increasingly governed by technology, Code Monkey equips learners with more than just skills – it instills a mindset geared towards innovation and adaptability.

In sum, Code Monkey distinguishes itself as more than an educational platform—it is a launchpad for future innovators and thinkers. It does not merely teach code; it instills a profound love for learning and an enduring curiosity that students carry with them far beyond the limits of the screen.