List of the Best Online Course Discounts [Jan 2021]

These are all the best online course discounts, coupons, and deals worth checking out in January 2021.

Discounts for Udacity: 50% Off

Udacity is a MOOC platform based in Silicon Valley teaching more than 11 million students. It’s partnered with tech giants such as Google and Facebook and it’s our top choice for studying topics such as data scienceartificial intelligence, and deep learning

For New Years’ (and until the beginning of February 2021), Udacity is offering 50% off its’ entire online course catalog. Check out our review of Udacity to learn more about the platform.

Discounts for Udemy: 90% OFF

Udemy is one of the most well-known MOOC platforms in the world. It boasts more than 50 million students and a course catalog bigger than any other platform. For Black Friday, Udemy is offering up to 90% off its’ massive course catalog. If you’d like to learn how Udemy ranks up against its’ competitors, read all about it in our Udemy Review. Also, take a look at our favorite Udemy courses to see some of the best the platform has to offer.

Discounts for Skillshare: 14-day Free Trial

Skillshare is one of our absolute favorite online learning platforms when it comes to learning design, personal development, and creatives online. Skillshare is offering our readers a 14-day free trial coupon code (instead of the usual 7 days), and as their online courses tend to be short, this will give you enough time to finish multiple high-quality Skillshare classes without paying a dime. Check out our review of Skillshare for more information on the platform and our list of the top Skillshare classes to see our favorites from their class catalog.

Discounts for LinkedIn Learning: 1- Month Free Trial

LinkedIn Learning, also known as Lynda, is one of the top online learning platforms for acquiring job-ready skills. They offer expert-curated online classes across all major topics and they host a massive 17 million students. LinkedIn Learning offers a 1-month free trial coupon code to our readers.

Discounts for Coursera: None

Coursera is one of the world’s largest online course platforms with more than 47 million students and thousands of online courses from the world’s top universities such as Stanford University and Johns Hopkins University. Coursera is our #1 favorite online learning platform and we recommend it to anyone seeking university-level education in an online format.

No discounts are currently ongoing for Coursera.

Discounts for Masterclass: None

MasterClass specializes in online courses from world-famous experts across various industries. Gordon Ramsay, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Chris Voss, and Natalie Portman are just some of the examples of course instructors on MasterClass. For Black Friday, MasterClass is offering a special promotion deal that enables you to buy 2 premium memberships for the price of 1.

No discounts are currently ongoing for MasterClass.

Discounts for Future Learn: None

Future Learn is a UK-based e-learning platform with more than 8 million students and a large library of online courses. Future Learn’s pricing is already cheap even before discounts, but for Black Friday, they are offering 30% of all courses. They offer classes on some rather unique topics, so make sure to check them out if you can’t find a course to your liking from any other platform. We covered our experiences with Future Learn in-depth in our evaluation of Future Learn.

No discounts are currently ongoing for Future Learn.

Disocunts for GoSkills: None

GoSkills is an online course platform that offers a variety of classes on topics such as Microsoft Excel, finance, and design. If you’re interested in taking one of their online classes, make sure to check out their Black Friday promotion, as they are offering 50% off courses and subscription plans.

No discounts are currently ongoing for GoSkills.