The 5 Best Receptionist Courses

These top-rated receptionist courses will make you comfortable at the front desk and handle all types of clients with ease.

Best Introductory Course

“Reception Diploma” on New Skills Academy is our favorite beginner-oriented receptionist class. It's easy to follow, and it provides a good overview of the basics of working as a receptionist.

Best Overall

“Professional Receptionist Diploma” on John Academy is our pick for the best overall receptionist course. It's accredited by the CPD, and it trains all the skills of a good receptionist.

Best for Office Admins

“Office Admin and Receptionist Course” on John Academy is our favorite receptionist training program that teaches both the skills of an office administrator and a receptionist.

"You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and yours may be in the hands of the receptionist.”

Harvey Mackay

Who is the heart of a well-functioning organization? When you are like most people, you think of the CEO or other executives as the lifeblood of a company. In my opinion, this is only partly true. 

While the CEO is, of course, the head of the organization, it is the receptionist who makes everything tick. The receptionist is almost like a glue. The glue between the clients and the organization and the clue between different departments of the organization. 

A receptionist is commonly the first person a client interacts with. This means that having a good receptionist is crucial to the well-being of a company. Think of the receptionist as the living and breathing business card of the organization. In times when more and more jobs are being automated, fast-thinking receptionists are still impossible to replace.

For ambitious and forward-thinking people, becoming a receptionist has tons of long-term benefits. It is next to impossible to find another entry-level job that gives you first-hand experience on how an organization is being run. Even for beginners, the front desk job will come with huge responsibilities. If you do not shy away from responsibility, the receptionist job is the best way to start a career in your chosen field. 

I have seen people with no previous experience in the field launch a stunning career from the receptionist job. If you are a fast-thinker with ambition, the sky is the limit in a receptionist’s job. However, in order to make your mark and impress right off the bat, a certain set of learnable skills will give you a huge advantage. I have scoured online for the best online receptionist courses currently available.

From our analysis, these are the best receptionist courses:


Best Overall: “Professional Receptionist Diploma” (John Academy)

A research-backed course for mastering receptionist skills.

In my opinion, this is the best receptionist course from John Academy and the best overall receptionist certification course on the market. It’s a good fit for both beginners and experienced administrators, and the certificate provided here is amongst the best on the market.

For people already working as a secretary or a receptionist, this course will take their work-performance to another level. It is an extensive course containing a total of 74 units, during which all the important aspects of the receptionist job are covered. Despite the course being listed as suitable for beginners, I find the material to be a bit too detail-oriented for people with no prior experience as a receptionist. For people looking to get started as a receptionist, my pick for the “best for beginners” course would be a much better introduction.

However, for experienced receptionists, enrolling in this course has tons of benefits. For example, there are 36 modules in total dedicated to professional-level use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These are the most common software used by assistants and receptionists. Surprisingly, even in an office context, most people only use the very basic features of these programs.

However, trust me when I say that becoming a wizard at common office software will benefit your career and simplify your job. In my opinion, this is the major strong point of this course. Instead of investing in learning “the big three” of receptionist software separately, you can get advanced lectures on all three from this course. In my opinion, this alone makes this course a superb investment of time and money for all receptionists and assistants.


Best Introductory Course: “Reception Diploma” (New Skills Academy)

An inspirational course for establishing a new career.

For starting a new career in your chosen field, becoming a receptionist is the smartest move you can take. This course by New Skills Academy was developed with people with career-change aspirations in mind. With a duration of 10 hours (17 modules in total), it is an extensive and informative course that will teach students all the skills needed for a modern front desk worker. There are some major cons unique to this online receptionist class. In addition to communication skills, the practical part of the job is also discussed in great detail.

For instance, database handling and the importance of technology are covered very well in this course. Being knowledgable on these issues will give you a huge advantage in this field. After all, mastering the movement of information is what the receptionist job is all about. Good coverage of data handling is what makes this course applicable in other fields as well. For instance, accountants and secretaries could also benefit from enrolling in this course.

For people looking to switch careers, this is perhaps the best course to get started. The skills taught in this receptionist course will instantly impress your new colleagues and supervisors. By making a good first impression, you will also increase your chances of a quick promotion in your chosen field.

All in all, this is one of the most well-focused receptionist courses currently available. As reviewers have mentioned, this course gives people practical knowledge and the confidence to make a career switch.

Best for Office Admins: “Office Admin and Receptionist Course” (John Academy)

Best for Office Admins: “Office Admin and Receptionist Course” (John Academy)

An informative course on mastering customer relations.

While this is an intermediate level course, I find it very suitable for beginners as well. If you are interested in forging a path in office administration, this receptionist training course will give you all the necessary skills to get started. I would even go as far as to say that this is a helpful course for everyone working in customer service. The total duration (2 days and 14 hours of units and quizzes) might seem overwhelming at first. However, the structure of the course makes it very easy to follow. 

In the first units, attendees will learn key managerial and organizational skills. These skills are crucial in the work of a receptionist. After attendees are introduced to the basics, the course will start to get more practical. Students will get a complete round-up of the most common roles of a receptionist and how to excel at all those roles. Professional telephone dealings and face-to-face customer relations are covered separately. You will learn how to communicate efficiently through all mediums and how to handle conflict situations. This is exactly the reason why this course is great for everyone in the customer service industry.

The last part of the course includes a mock exam and a final exam. After passing the final exam, the student will become a proud recipient of the John Academy Certificate of Achievement. After completing this receptionist online class, you will be front desk ready. You will be armed with all the skills needed to become a great receptionist in the field of your choice. Overall, if directly dealing with clients is a part of your job, this is a great and comprehensive course to enroll in.


Best for Hotel Receptionists: “Hotel Receptionist Diploma” (John Academy)

A masterclass in maximizing the potential of hotel workers.

The hotel business is becoming more client-oriented than ever before. Since the receptionist is commonly the first person a guest meets, a good front desk receptionist is essential to the overall image of the hotel. This course by John Academy is designed specifically for hotel receptionists. Whether you are a new hotel receptionist or a veteran front desk worker, this is a great course to take. 

The course will start off by giving attendees a professional overview of the basic procedures and standards of the hotel reception. When acquainted with the basics, the attendees will be tutored on good communication skills and how to maximize their efficiency. The second part of the course is most beneficial for people already working in the industry. Attendees will get some interesting insights into hotel marketing and branding. There is also an interesting debate on the future of the hospitality industry. If you are a hotel receptionist looking to move upwards in your career, knowing these areas will impress your colleagues and supervisors alike. 

While this is not an extensive course (duration of nine hours in total), it has a very informative yet easy-to-follow syllabus. For beginners, professional tutoring will be a good cornerstone for embarking on a new career in the hotel industry. For front desk veterans, the unique insights presented will only further polish the already learned skills. All in all, for hospitality industry workers, this is certainly a course worthy of the time investment.

Best Short Course: “Become Outstanding Receptionist” (Udemy)

Best Short Course: “Become Outstanding Receptionist” (Udemy)

A great course for profit-oriented bargaining.

This is a receptionist online class from Udemy that clearly focuses on the communication aspect of the job. For people looking to boost their work-efficiency through sheer charisma and good communication skills, this is a great course to take. It is listed as a course suitable for everyone, from total beginners to experienced receptionists. The charismatic instructor, Mr. Gurnam Sangha, has a background in customer service. These days, he is a dedicated life coach, specializing in helping people develop outstanding social skills. And as we all know, good social skills are essential in becoming a receptionist.

In total, the video course includes two-hours worth of material. There is also a downloadable textbook included. This is to make sure attendees have fully absorbed the material. Should students have any questions regarding the material presented, the instructor will engage with the attendees personally.

The material itself mainly focuses on communication. Students will learn how to maximize their communication skills and improve their relationships within the organization. In addition to client relationships, the course includes separate sections for enhancing relationships with colleagues and bosses.

While this is a business-oriented receptionist class, everyone interested in communication can benefit from this course. For example, lessons on body language and tone will certainly benefit your private life as well. Overall, if you are interested in the art of communication, this is a great introductory course to enroll in.