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Is a Mindvalley Membership Really Worth the Cost in 2022?

Find out if purchasing a subscription to Mindvalley Membership is worth your investment of time and money.​

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Mindvalley Membership: Our Verdict (2022)


4.2 / 5

Best suited for the curious, creative and entrepreneurial type who want to develop themselves in different aspects of life, membership in Mindvalley (rather than buying access to specific courses) is a great value for those looking for ongoing personal development, but requires that you have a continuous interest in the relatively narrow scope of courses that they offer.


  • Great value for those looking for ongoing courses to help them improve core aspects of their lives
  • Includes additional benefits compared with signing up for individual courses


  • Relatively narrow scope of courses makes ongoing membership less appealing
  • Not suitable for those who only have interest in a single course

Highly Recommended
60% off on annual membership and 15-day money-back guarantee
  • Consistently high quality courses
  • Courses focus on life-changing personal development
  • Annual membership now at 60% discount compared to monthly fee
  • 15-day full refund policy, no questions asked
No, Thanks

If you’re thinking about subscribing to Mindvalley Membership (previously known as Mindvalley All Access), you likely want to know what you’ll get with your subscription and whether or not it will really be worth the price. In a nutshell – it’s complicated. It’s definitely a life-changing deal for some, but not all people.

Above all, it’s important to ask yourself much time and effort you are really willing to spend on personal growth projects. This will have a big impact on the value you’ll get from a Mindvalley Membership. Personally, though, I’m a big fan of Mindvalley’s classes, and I’ve been a part of Mindvalley Membership for close to a year.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss all the details of subscribing to Mindvalley Membership so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it is a good fit for your needs.

Table of Contents

What is the Mindvalley Membership?

Mindvalley Membership (formerly known as Mindvalley All Access) is the subscription-based service of the transformational education platform Mindvalley. The subscription provides access to all Mindvalley Quests, together with numerous other benefits such as access to Mindvalley’s Global Campus and the Connections app.

For those entirely new to the platform, let me give a quick refresher on what it’s all about.

Mindvalley is an online learning platform with an international network of experts that provide knowledge and resources in the areas of personal growth, spirituality, and wellness. The platform was established by Vishen Lakhiani and is based entirely on providing transformative learning online: a sort of antithesis to the traditional way we think of education.

If you are interested in reading about our overall verdict on Mindvalley, feel free to read our in-depth review of Mindvalley. In short, the platform is an excellent option for those who want to pursue self-development and personal growth with the help of online lessons. But, buying individual courses from the platform can get pricey rather quick, and that’s where the subscription comes in.

Before we get to the pricing, though, let’s take a look at everything that comes included with the Mindvalley Membership.

What does the Mindvalley Membership include?

The Mindvalley Membership comes with too many benefits to count and you can find a full list on Mindvalley’s website. 

In my opinion, though, these are some of the most important features that the subscription includes:

Unlimited access to all current and upcoming Mindvalley courses

In the end, it all comes down to the quality of content offered by Mindvalley. And, the selection of courses offered by Mindvalley is not only varied and constantly evolving, but is also presented by some of the most well-respected names of their respective fields.

Thus far, I have taken a fair share of Mindvalley courses. All of them have been at the very least useful. Three quests, in particular, have had a concrete long-term positive impact on my life – “Superbrain” and “Super Reading” by Jim Kwik, and “Be Extraordinary” by Vishen Lakhiani. My colleague has also had long-term effects on her life from following the quest “Becoming Focused and Indistractable” by Nir Eyal.

As of 2022, Mindvalley offers a total of 68 Quests (most valued at approximately $350 each when purchased individually, for the ones where that is still a possibility.) New Quests keep being added to ensure you keep having access to new and exciting content with your membership.

Mindvalley Life Assessment

The Mindvalley Life Assessment is a 22-minute personalized test that reveals the areas at which the learner needs development. After taking the test, you’ll know exactly which Mindvalley Quest you’ll benefit the most from. It can be hard to decide which aspect of your life you should focus on first, but with the Life Assessment, you’ll discover where to start your personal journey.

Access to the Mindvalley community

A big part of being a Mindvalley student is the whole community surround it. Some Quests use the community only for sharing learning experiences, while other Quests have assignments that involve interacting with other members of the Mindvalley community. The Mindvalley community is a beautiful thing to behold, and their members are constantly striving to make it even better by sharing ideas and methods for success with each other.

Weekly live Q&A sessions with the Mindvalley teachers

Our cultural backgrounds are vastly different. So are our levels of expertise, our motivators for learning, and a thousand other aspects that affect our understanding of the course curriculum.

Luckily, Mindvalley has found an innovative way to provide a personalized aspect to their courses. During each week of an individual Quest, students will be treated to a live Q&A session with the instructor of the Quest. These sessions are a great way for students to get clarifications on parts of the curriculum they are struggling with.

Mindvalley teachers are absolutely the brightest minds on earth, and they always have an unparalleled passion for their fields. Their expertise shines through with each lesson they teach and having the option to ask questions within a Q&A session is so valuable.

Now that you know what to expect from the Mindvalley Membership, let’s run the numbers.

How much does the Mindvalley Membership cost?

Paid monthly, the Mindvalley Membership costs $99 per month. However, for best value-for-money, it makes sense to choose the annual payment subscription that currently goes for $499, or just about $41.60/per month. For people serious about transformational learning, the one-time fee of $499 is a bargain. Especially when you consider that the price of a single course on Mindvalley is already close to that price (around $350).

For those still on the fence about making the commitment, consider that Mindvalley offers a no-questions-asked refund to anyone within 15 days. No e-mails or forms required – just one click and you get all your money back. It is a superb way of testing the waters and seeing whether the content offered by the platform truly speaks to you.

Plus, from my own experience, easy refund options like these tend to be huge indicators of the final quality of a learning platform. It is a clear sign that the providers sincerely believe in the product they offer when they don’t have to use heavy-handed methods to keep you from getting a refund.

Conclusion: Is a Mindvalley Membership subscription worth it?

At a glance, Mindvalley might seem a bit intimidating for the average online learner. After all, nearly every Mindvalley course is rooted in spirituality in one way or another. Indeed – it is best-suited for the curious, creative and entrepreneurial type who want to develop themselves in different aspects of life.

For these people, subscribing to Mindvalley Membership is a no-brainer. Mindvalley has 10+ million students worldwide, works with over 200 expert authors, speakers, and activists, and is constantly adding new high-quality content into the vault.

As I already mentioned, each Mindvalley Quest I have taken thus far has left me with an overall positive impression. And, two Quests have had a legitimate impact on my life. This fact alone makes the subscription fee a bargain in my book.

This is why all in all, yes – I think the Mindvalley Membership is absolutely worth the cost. The expert-curated content at Mindvalley is informative, engaging, and inspiring, and there’s no other way to get this much value for only forty bucks a month.

But, keep in mind that Mindvalley courses are only valuable when you take them seriously. If you want to get something out of these courses, it is essential that you invest time and mental energy into them. Only then, can you reap all the benefits of a subscription to Mindvalley Membership.